Do you like Drones in avp extinction?

Started by hunter, Mar 28, 2008, 08:06:15 AM

Do you like Drones in avp extinction? (Read 8,055 times)


The 2 per litter was awesome.


I thought the Drones were pretty good scouts, I used them if I needed to take down some powerful Marines or Predators without my stronger units being weakened XD

Bone Crusher

Drones were good for getting hosts and for fire support. For scouting the area however you cannot beat runners. Runners FTW!


Drones are good for only 3 Things!

1) Quick Suicide attacks and learning how many enemies there are.

2) Medics with there hive node ability and acid attack to temporarily repel basic enemies

3) Being Bad Ass!


Runners are great if you use hit and run with their upgrade. Slowly kills and they regenerate on the go.  Predaliens are the best though, with their upgrade. Impervious to fire, heal on the go, and get stonger with every fight. Drones did show a cool part in the cycle though.



Drones pave the way for other aliens there a key part of the hive and the only alien that can make portable hive space allowing other aliens to heal and create cystic transbreed alien are more then helpful.

I don't just like drones... I Love Them  :-*


I love Drones but I absolutelly hate the way they are created.

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