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Author Topic: Accomplishments in AvP  (Read 1173 times)

Dec 27, 2007, 08:25:06 AM
Topic on: Dec 27, 2007, 08:25:06 AM
Hey all, I was wondering if anyone did anything cool/crazy/awesome/accomplished a nearly-impossible task in the AvP games.

I just recently re-loaded AvP Gold Edition and did a quick run-through of the Predator missions, enjoying some nostalgia. I'm a lot better at shooters now than when I first got the game, and so I decided that it was time to take off the training wheels and start playing on realistic difficulty.

The first thing that I thought was cool was I duelled with the Predalien in the third level, just using wristblades (actually wasn't that hard). I've done this in skirmish mode before (even managed to get a praetorian once or twice), but it was really cool that I pulled it off in one try in the campaign.

Eventually I got to the final level against the Queen and knew (thanks to my shiny, well-used strategy giude) that on realistic difficulty, there's a facehugger in with the queen. I gotta say, nothing in these games scares me more than a facehugger. Aliens jumping around corners pale in comparison to the raw horror that a facehugger inflicts on me, no matter which species I play (except alien, since I don't think there are any facehuggers in that campaign). So once the Queen popped out of the wall, I immediately spotted the facehugger and tried my best to avoid it. Well, the battle commences and I swiftly circle-strafe the Queen, shooting with the speargun the whole time, trying like hell to avoid the facehugger cause I'm not that great of a shot with a speargun. Finally, Queen goes down and I ahve about 5 spears left, and here I am thinkin' "Yep, any second now, the cutscene will go and I'll be safe from that damned facehugger!" Wrong. The little bugger started crawling towards me and I FREAKED! I wasted every last shot on the thing, didn't even come close to hitting it once. I was all prepared to restart the level when inspiration struck. I decided that I had only one shot to knife the thing with my wristblades, and I tried to prepare myself as best I could. The creature started towards me, very quickly. I knew from past run-ins with these things that they do a little pause-then-jump move. When it started winding up for the jump, I rushed forward and stabbed that thing dead!

Well, those are my best stories. I guess other than that I have beating the game with the marine when I was younger. Not gonna try that again. Too scary.

Corporal Hicks
Dec 27, 2007, 11:29:58 PM
Reply #1 on: Dec 27, 2007, 11:29:58 PM
AvP1 has to be the scariest game I've ever played. The marine stuff was so atmospheric. The tracker would make me panic sooo much.

Private Hudson
Dec 29, 2007, 07:14:03 AM
Reply #2 on: Dec 29, 2007, 07:14:03 AM
In the Predator campain, the third level, Vaults, I'd frequently run out of energy and power, once, I ran out of both and had to use my wristblades, at one point I got rushed by at least a dozen Aliens in a little room, I actually fended them all off, and lived, with just my wristblades, after all the aliens were dead, I looked around and saw the biggest blood bath of Predator blood I'd ever seen. And once in the Marine campain, I turned around and saw a facehugger leap at my face when I turned around, right when seeing it, I opened fire and blew the mother to smitherines. And one more unsuccessful, and rather funny, or terrifiyng on my part, was when you fight the queen in the hanger, I ran into the little chamber where you go when you open the airlock. Well to get away from the Queen, I hid in there, I thought I'd be safe and I could just hide, well, the queen charged the door and broke the glass, I was a gonner, desperatly firing off the flamethrower to get it away, well, I died, but it was a rush.


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