Looking to buy Kenner figs. (Updated: nevermind...)

Started by Nukiemorph, Apr 16, 2007, 03:48:26 AM

Looking to buy Kenner figs. (Updated: nevermind...) (Read 2,208 times)



I've lost quite a few eBay auctions on the Kenner figures of Hudson and Vasquez, the only two marines I don't have.  (The Vasquez two-pack is available for the Buy It Now option, but it's $40... a bit much...)  I'd buy either the original paints or the repaints for the two-packs.
I'd prefer boxed of course, but I'd even buy them loose if they have all, or at least most, of the accessories.  Is there anybody looking/willing to sell their Vasquez and/or Hudson Kenner figures?

Also, if anybody wants to sell some of the comics that came with series one, I'd buy those from you too.  I don't have #4, 7 & 8, (which came with the gorilla alien, bull alien, and Ripley figures).

UPDATE: Since it's not letting me delete this topic, I'll just say nevermind.  I just won a huge haul of 21 figures... though I only want like six of them,  :P (I'll sell the rest), but Hudson and Vasquez are included.

Corporal Hicks

I'd lock it but we can use this thread. So you know have every Kenner figure now?


No, just all of the marines, (all the original paints, not part of the two-packs).

Along with the marines, I have:
-queen alien
-2 gorilla aliens (one being the purple-ish repaint)
-2 scorpion aliens
-warrior alien (from the avp two-pack)
-mantis alien (I've always loved that one)
-snake alien
-wild boar alien
-swarm alien (never been fond of that one...)
-queen hive playset (AWESOME)
-the marine evac fighter
-scavage predator
-night stalker predator (original paint)
---On top of that, I have the complete six-figure Hive Wars collection with two of each alien.

Aside from Vasquez and Hudson, the haul I just won:
-another O'Malley
-another mantis alien
-another wild boar alien
-another warrior alien
-another snake alien
-king alien
-night cugar alien
-killer crab alien
-panther alien
-rino alien
-queen facehugger (SO STUPID!!!)
-arachnid alien
-another scavage predator
-night storm predator
-night stalker predator (glow in the dark)
-spiked tail predator
-lava planet predator (which I also find stupid...)
-renegade predator (from the avp two-pack)
-clan leader predator
-cracked tusk predator

I also bid on a single renegade predator before I saw this auction, so I'm sure I'll be selling that.  So I'm not sure what I'll be keeping out of the new haul.  I'm getting some doubles... but I wouldn't mind another warrior alien or mantis alien, for example.  I use these for displays and sometimes little amateur films for fun... so... yeah... I open them and I don't have much use for multiples of certain figures.  I'm probably going to sell others like the rino alien, queen facehugger, and lava predator because I never liked those.  So... I might keep them boxed and let their value rise, sell them right away, or keep them all out of hope to complete the entire collection... which I just realized I'm not too far from doing.

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