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Which AvP movie do you like better?


Author Topic: Poll: AvP vs AvPR  (Read 518855 times)

Master Chief
Jun 16, 2020, 04:28:44 PM
Reply #4650 on: Jun 16, 2020, 04:28:44 PM
Yep! The caliber of the cast alone gives it many many many extra points over AvPR imho! And that the characters are actually likable, interesting and memorable compared.

Thomas Jane was in it, and that little blonde guy from Logan.

That's all I remember.

That's because Thomas Jane should have been the lead. Or Sterling K Brown.

To me though, with these actors and characters, I don't know how this group of lovelies does anything but detract points.

Man, I hated all of that gum smacking Brown did throughout the dang annoying! haha

I re-watched AvP last night and really enjoyed the music during the intro ship scenes where the teens were getting ready to for the hunt.


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