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Author Topic: AvPR Fan Reviews  (Read 153853 times)

Corporal Hicks
Dec 19, 2007, 07:52:02 PM
Topic on: Dec 19, 2007, 07:52:02 PM
Okay, the intent of this thread is obvious. When you see AvP Requiem please use this thread to post your reviews. Spoilers are okay in this thread, you needn't use spoiler tags in actual posts. Let's try to keep it tidy and etc, no tangent posts please.

I'll be keeping this thread locked until Christmas.

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Dec 19, 2007, 08:34:25 PM
Reply #1 on: Dec 19, 2007, 08:34:25 PM
Here's pretty much everything Gacu666 posted. He was one of the people who saw an advanced screening of the film in Poland. Beware, this contains a lot of SPOILERS.

I saw the movie today in Poland in the Pre premier screening.

The script is awful. The movie is very shallow with it's two dimensional characters. It mostly feels like you're watching a sitcom, or a bad slasher movie. With all it's cheesy aspects.

The Predator is a God here, no mere Alien can scratch his butt, he only gets face slaped (literally) a few times and tail whipped. He takes Aliens by numbers, catches them by the throaths and headshots them with plasma cannon in "bad breath" range without getting acid splash all over his tuxedo. He is somewhat very stupid, getting on a suicide mission where the odds are 1 to 100, guess nobody likes him in his clan or something. He has all the special "Alien vision" sights but he is so bad ass that he can't even look up once and the Aliens always sneak up on him with the face slapping and all that.

The aliens? Cannon fodder I'm Afraid, even in the crappy AvP they got more attention...

The whole teenager problems with girls and guys bullying other guys is just out of place. There are many cheesy dialogs which are just plain dumb. There is humour mixed up in the plot and it isn't convincing... not in a situation like this.

There are many stupid scenes, where there is no logic at all. Spoiler:

The ship is hit by the Plasma caster from the inside. It changed it's course and is crash landing on earth. Ok... if the ships hull was compromised then why nothing burned inside? The ship crash landed like a swan on a lake, with grace to be exact. No crater, the ship is practically undamaged and didn't melt at all (ok it's made of high resistant metal, but then why didn't it burn from the inside because of the hole the plasma caster made? It should fall apart easilly).

End of spoiler:

The camera seems too shaky in many places, the action shot of humans shooting "something" and you really don't know what. The movie is really chopped up, there are many scene transitions and you seem to be scratching your head in many situations. It's like a bunny hops all around the city of Gunnison.

The end is the crappiest of them all. The Predator is such a bad ass that he fights with his bare hands, even crushes one of the aliens head with his boot.

Don't want to spoiler you too much, but really it gets crappier with every minute.
Ok want some spoilers? Than have at thee.


The reproduction cycle was a nice theorethical Idea.
I liked the fact that you skip the Facehugger and in need you can just insert the egg with the chestburster in someone.

But the script writer got wild there. He made it that the Predalien walks up to a PREGNANT woman, second jaw rapes her and then after an hour, 4 or even more (I can't count beyond three, sorry Wink ) Chestbursters leap from her pregnant stomach... Okaaaay? Some wild fantasy there?



Well there is this infestation going on right? Now from practically nowhere you got the general that sees the danger and just demands to drop the nuke. No discussion, there is nothing about "What about the people?" He just announces that "Help" is on the way to the people of gunnison and the H-Bomb just kills everyone... WEEEEEELL except for 3 people that were flying a chopper (there is even "Get to da choppah" dialog in the movie) that are lucky enough to survive. Yeah they do crash, but luckilly those sharp jaggy rocks make for a safe landing.

End of Spoiler


There is this pizza delivery guy, who walks into a girls house just to get verbally slapped by some stupid bully like in every fraggin Slasher movie. Then he gets slapped litteraly in the stomach to be exact. Then after that the girl says the F word off screen, not seen or heard, but she tells you that) to the guy and now wants to mate with the Pizza delivery guy outside the school pool. Weeeeell she strips to her undies and bra and then wants to make a blowjob or something but to their shock the ex-boyfriend comes in and wants to slap his bitch (yes, I said bitch, just like he did) and slap the stupid pizza delivery guy. Cheesy? I think yes.


Well Predator didn't look like a mexican with his cojones on the chin. He had better voice and movements, but his Actions were illogical due to the script. He seemed not so bright to be exact.
Well I wouldnt blame everything on brothers.

They made few of the scenes quite good. The thing that sucks hard is the script... Solerno was the uys name right? Him we need to send to the moon.

The movie starts when the Chestburster comes out of Predalien, anyone knows that.

BUT. What did the Chestburster eat for the whole time? We had an mature Predalien on the ship while it was in space. Come on people. Did the ship not have any ALARM system at all? LAME!

The Final fight is like WWE. Predator strips down to his undies and then just wrestles...


Yes the movie was slightly better than avp. And I mean AvP is dog shit, AvP2 is just shit. Any kind is fine.

Everyone laughed because as soon as the survivors make an entry into the shop, the Blonde is the only one that knows where the guns are and after a second two stoned shop clerks come out.


The cop was clearly unarmed and got killed viciously by the Predator



3. The final fight WWE style.

4. Guy hitting the Alien with plasma caster from less than one meter range didn't get Acid splash and survives...

He takes the mask off like in Predator one, but without the Gas leaking out, maybe because it was broken, didn't notice.
And I'm not saying that the Brothers are very bad directors, but not good enough. All im saying that Salerno f**kED UP. The script, its all about the script. And the mediocre CGI effects... and lack of depth... and bad filming.
I prefer bang my head into the wall as I did after the screening anyway.

Ok no joking around:

AvP:R is AvP with blood so the sequel is better Wink, but the concept is the same.
Oh my god I actually forgot about the Power glove.

He charges it up (blue lights and shit) and bangs through concrete in the sewers straight through the city asphalt.

Aliens do it without it though.
Well I did enjoy a few scenes. The bed scene, where there was something moving under the childs blanket. It was kinda surprising, go see it. Won't spoil it for you.

Also I liked the nuke effect, pretty nice.

I liked the skinning of the Alien Queen in the first scene. Oh wait did I say skinning Alien Queen which is made from chitine exoskeleton? Well of course I did, no wait I didn't like it, scratch that.

I liked the scene where the Predator scans the entire sewers with his echoradar or something, but fails to notice Aliens running behind his back. Wait, I didn't like that either.

Oh oh, the bitchslaping the Predator by Aliens was nice. Kinky in some way.

He doesnt even mimic Lions, which is good. (as in comparison to Predator roars in AvP ==').

Did I mention that the Facehuggers squeak? Yeah I think i did. Squeak with WHAT...
I can give you a nice spoiler to tell you how good this movie is.


There is a scene, where the nation guards (looking like regular army, wtf?) get into town. Nobody called them and nobody could cause the electricity was down and all that crap.

As soon as the guards come out of the APC's (called Tanks by everyone for some reason to me unknown) they get *Yanked* away by Aliens in dark corners. You know what I mean hopefully.

There is one particular shot where you see a car and a Guard coming near it, there is a zooming through the windows, the guard sees blood inside. After a second you see an Alien emerging from the ground behind him. The problem is that the Guard should TRIP on him, because he walked through the same spot and you don't see the Alien walking into the scene, he's emerging behind his back. Then the Guard gets laid, I mean he dies.


The kid wakes up, stands up and coughs. Second after that his one arm father (lost due to acid splash) gets up. After that they immediatly get chestbursted, one then another just like in two voice chorus. You see the dads chestburster in full view (very fake blood and cgi effect) and the kid has a closeup to his chest and gets bursted (even worse cgi effect) so you even can't tell that it was the kid that got chested. Nothing special though. The thing that was special is the synchro between two different chestbursters... it's lame.

The story is C, the acting is C, the action could be B.

Yeah theyre not mines all right.

Dec 20, 2007, 07:19:23 PM
Reply #2 on: Dec 20, 2007, 07:19:23 PM
Another positive review:
from imdb

Like most people who grew up in the 80’s I’m a huge fan of both franchises. And like most fans I was not pleased with the first offering of AvP. While there were some things that I liked in the first film, mainly the premise, but I was among those who wanted to walk out when the Predator teamed up with the chick and ran down the hall like Clooney and O’Donnell in nipple suits.

That being said when a friend of mine asked if I wanted to see the film at an advance screening this past Tuesday in the toxicity of Century City, I still was jumped at the chance. I liked the trailers enough, the TV spots playing during South Park were even better, and I thought the new Predator looked pretty bad ass. However, I still entered the theatre with a cautious optimism, the scars from AVP ran deep.

The film opens right where the previous installment left off. The PredAlien bursts from the dead Predator and runs amok causing the ship to crash. A hunter and his son are face hugged. A lone Predator receives a distress call. If you’ve seen the 5 minute clip you know the deal already. While I had already seen the footage I thought the Predator planet looked a lot better on the big screen. It was a nice balance of giving people a taste without demystifying the whole species.

From there we are introduced to the main characters. The ex-con Dallas steps off a bus only to be greeted by the Sheriff, who he apparently used to be buddies with. Dallas’ younger brother is poor white trash working as a pizza boy and getting his ass kicked by the jock douche bag in front of his crush. It’s all pretty standard small town horror set up but it moves with enough pace that it doesn’t linger on the less than stellar character development.

Meanwhile the Aliens begin to burst and along with the PredAlien and facehuggers make their way to the sewers. There’s another face hugger attack which seemed to feature much more practical effects that ends with the PredAlien getting really nasty on a homeless woman. In fact he seems to have a serious fetish for women in general, especially of the pregnant variety, but who doesn’t?

The Predator arrives and begins his investigation while more and more townspeople go missing. After the Predator tracks the Aliens in the sewer, the melee begins. I liked how the Predator wasn’t really into fighting fair or following a code but just trying to get the job done. It was a needed change from the E.T. with mandibles and justified in the context of the story. Unfortunately, he makes the Aliens look pretty bad in comparison as they don’t get the benefit of the usual Predator cockiness. He shoots first, uses laser mines, and a steel reinforced fist. But even that isn’t enough to keep the Aliens down as they quickly escape the sewer and manage to spread across the town.

This was the point where I expected the film to really kick into over drive but it still took it’s time unfolding as Predator tracks the Aliens, the PredAlien tracks victims, and the humans just try to survive. It wasn’t until the new medkit scene where the Predator sutures his wound as lighting flashes and the rain begins to fall that film really started to mean business. It’s amazing it took this long to figure out that Aliens and Predators look cool fighting in the rain. Keeping things wet and dark really helps the look of both creatures and help sell the whole man in suit thing.

While I wasn’t the biggest fan of Nispel’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, I did like the look of Daniel Pearl’s cinematography, I guess it helps that he shot the original too. However, Pathfinder’s visual style really wore on me and seemed to get more and more muddled as that mess unfolded before my eyes. Here Pearl is back to his horror roots and it shows. The lighting is crisp and the style is classic. Although some of the daytime shots are a tad too contrasty, which is his trademark so I let it slide.

Brian Tyler has been doing consistently good work on a lot of mediocre films but here he really revels in the fact he’s standing on the shoulders of giants. The score combines the driving percussion of the Predator with eerie atmosphere of the Alien quite nicely. While I wish he came up with a more unique theme at least he didn’t go bland and generic and stuck to what worked.

The overall feel of the film is very much grounded in the style of the 80s. The gore is intense and gruesome but it’s also kind of funny in a demented Sam Raimi kind of way. (That is if you find exploding pregnant bellies funny and seriously come on, who doesn’t?) The Brothers Strause definitely wear their love of Aliens and Predator on their sleeve as there are numerous homages throughout the film. But they handle the tone way better than their predecessor knowing when to play it straight and when to not take things too seriously. The film looks twice as expensive as it’s budget with a pretty epic ending and non-stop action in the third act. I’d definitely like to see what they could have pulled off with a bigger budget that was more in line with rest of the series.

In the end its not the epic space opera that many wanted but it is a fun monster romp that exploits the Aliens on Earth storyline and offers the most interesting Predator character since the original.

Dec 21, 2007, 08:29:04 AM
Reply #3 on: Dec 21, 2007, 08:29:04 AM
all credit's go to Ja, i just did the translation. Sorry for some errors if they appear ;)

Here we go
3 years after Andersons 'masterpiece' release, Fox decided to give a chance to Brothers Strause to direct the sequel. Action begins in the same place, where AVP has ended. The Predalien is chestbursting from the body of Scar, hides onboard and waits for an opourtunity. Most of the scenes is from the Predators point of view (probably some clan leader), who decided to visit our planet.
It's been about 19 years, since i first saw ALIENS on the big screen. That unforgetable experience had enormous influence on me. I don't want to point every positive aspect of that movie, but all of you know for sure, that there isn't much motion pictures that are even comparable with it. 'Predator' for example was a proof for me, that Hollywood actually can create amazing and terryfying worlds, and the way it has been done was overhelming.
There were several attempts of adapting and resurrecting the inheritance of the 80's. AVP idea itself, born in Norwoods comic book, was more than inspiring. Clash of both species on the Planet Ryushi, where future world with colonists (alien domain), stylized on earth Texas (ranches and other more of a Predators domain) proved, that connecting this worlds is possible and works fine. All you need is right people with good ideas.
Dark Horse sustained that trend for a long time, but when Fox decided to try earn money on sucking dry successful licences, everything turned out not the way it should be. Let's begin with basics, which is:

The Script

AVPR, as well as it's 'great' predecessor, have issues with two assumptions on which the whole construction of the world portrayed in this movie is based on. The Setting is earth, in present times. It's very difficult to fit alien in this enviroment. And it's even harder, when the plot is mainly the massacre of small town population. Aliens taken out from their dark gothic enviroment became... just another monsters, which we already have tons of. With Predator the situation isn't better. Lack of amazonian or urban jungle takes away his hunter dignity.
Jim Davis, the producer of 'Predator' and AVP, decided to favorize his pupil in terms of setting, and forced Shane Salerno to write the scripts telling us story about the clash of the species... on Earth. The result is kinda sad I'm afraid. The small town doesn't fit as an arena for ultimate battle between two extra-terrestial beings at all. It isn't comparable with Ryushi even in one bit. Colourful small houses, pizza house, swimming pool. The set pieces planning looks to be accidental, and putting there alien and hunter shows lack of concept. To hide plain compromitation, separate acts of the script were primitively modified. We won't see alien during the day. In the first act they are placed in the sewers. Just when it's getting dark, aliens will get to the surface to take control over Gunnison. Here we have one of the major issues about this movie. Once again the creators weren't able to handle one very important thing - planning the action in an interesting way, instead we have chaos. As i wrote earlier, small US town setting isn't helping. The purpose of Predator actions just increase that impression and we are never able to get his motivation fully. Is it an alien hunt, predalien hunt, cleaning? We will never know for sure. When the major plot turn appears along with gory fighting, everything that was build in the first act should grow, but...
Till this time we are seeing the gallery of characters written in few minutes during the coffee break on a knee at it's best. Forget about any depth in them. "Rednecks" are jsut meat to be butchered. Only the chosen ones will be able to survive. Salerno/Strause made an assumption similiar to creators of Alien and Aliens. No one stands up from the crowd - we don't know, who's gonna survive. The problem is that in previous movies somebody actually cared about creating interesting characters and behaviours, which made the confrontations with aliens harder/easier/more interesting. It's what we're missing in AVPR.
Characters are two dimensional and we don't care about them for even a second. Rip-offs are there as well - tough mother (driving APC) and small girl (seeing monsters, which shouldn't exist). When we get to group being formed, we can safely assume their fate in terms of characters they are based on. And we aren't suprised at all.
Summing up, this is script on an Anderson level. Amateur, revised several times after first draft from original author.

The directing

It's Brothers Strause big screen debut. From making commercials they are thrown into full lentgh motion picture, about which most of us had high hopes of. They got a very poor script and had to turn out to be genius, like Cameron for example, to create a visual interpretation of Salernos crap.
Me, in opposition to the major audience, don't have any issues with Finchers Alien3. it's errors are only Gilers fault, which was sending next pages of the script via fax during the production. However the visual style of Alien3 makes it the most beautiful installment of the saga. How AVPR looks?
It Looks average. The Bros didn't work out any (at least recognizable) style. most of the movie action takes place during the night. Dark and poor weather conditions (including heavy rain) aren't building tension as they should be. Add to that very poorly presented aliens. And not only that, they were also poorly designed and built. Their overlook, prepared by 'the specialists' from ADI, aren't even mediocre. Their appearing on the screen is poor too - covered in dark and bad lightning (not climatic, as it should be). The Predator turns to be better, but it might be because of the hunting during the day and the darkness in his case could work as his camouflage. But it's hard to tell if that thing had any influence, because generally the visuals of this movie were on a level of a common popcorn flick.
Screwed up vision translates to low quality confrontations between predator and aliens (including predalien). Acid-blooded guys are hissing, appearing from nowhere (literally), and the predator is butchering them, the oversized bugs (vht: take a note, that it actually comes from Cameron ALIENS fan!). This again has nothing to do with building the tension. From the very beginning we know, that the final battle will be between the Predator and the Predalien. Till then we have a forced portrait of how tough and ruthless they are. Here's one of the biggest gripes of predator presence - don't get me wrong, hunter in AVPR is designed and presented much more better than that gang of goofies in AVP. The problem is that Brothers Strause clearly forced "going back to the roots" route, no matter the cost. The Predator is cruel, and we should be thankful, but if only there would be consequence to that. Wolf kills only one person and gets him skinned. All the following victims are getting killed by accident, or the violence is toned down, and again accidental. CGI blood definetely isn't helping. To be honest, the movie loses very much because of that. Gore looks like very incompetently mixed in - digital blood differs from the real one. Brothers Strause use current generation experience - lots of blood from a computer game. It isn't giving good impression. But they go further and count on the SHOCK effect. Scenes, like chestbursting little boy, raping a pregnant woman etc., are a clear message to the audience - "We are not Anderson!". Of course you're not guys, but it isn't the reason to do these things without thinking them over. Gore shots don't have such value, as they had in Alien for example (Kane and his 'son'). There the whole scene fit very fell and actually had influence on how we see the alien, the creature born from blood, demanding more and more of it. With Strause problem is that gore shots are medium disgusting, and even in few places looks like they were scared by them themselves. And we can't forget about small town residents. As for a movie about total doom bringed by extra-terrestial beings, it is sparing the whole destruction image a lot. We're still following only few people, just like they were the only one living in Gunnison. There's lack of bigger shots with aliens butchering people on the streets for example.


...AVPR's compromitation, as well as it was with the Anderson movie, begins in the second act. Maybe i don't know that, but i thought that National Guard don't resemble regular army forces. Why did platoons arrive to Gunnison, that looks like they've been taken out straight from Kabul one moment ago?
Stupidity in terms of respecting Alien and Predator canon is another issue. Hunter starts new profession and gets rid of the bodies, both alien and human, and the viewer don't have any idea why. He grabs his shoulder cannon, and thanks to that from distinguish hunter he is becoming bad cowboy with a gun. His confrontations with aliens look awkward. Punches, kicks and wrestling. Alien isn't better. While Adnerson screwed up the time of reproduction cycle, bros are trying to make us belive, that whole hive structure can be build in the matter of few hours.

The Workshop

Unfortunatley the unexperienced brothers did mistakes in filming action sequences too. Attempts to get to the chopper on the roof are nothing more, than shooting in the dark. Habit taken from the work on commercials and video clips brings chopped editing. Especially in terms of alien versus predator fights.

At the end
.. i'll tell you, that movie grand finale was dissapointing the most. Complete absence of inteligent end of subplots. Lack of justice hurt the monsters the most. Alien and predator became the main characters of the movie and their end is... VERY DISSAPOINTING.
As the whole movie. 

Corporal Hicks
Dec 25, 2007, 08:43:26 AM
Reply #4 on: Dec 25, 2007, 08:43:26 AM
This thread is open for use.

Charles Xavier
Dec 25, 2007, 10:33:11 AM
Reply #5 on: Dec 25, 2007, 10:33:11 AM
To honestly say, I had fun and enjoyed it. It delivers all the good old action and suspense this kind of movie needs. And there were certainly moments that chilled me to the bone.

I spotted a few small scenes (from trailers and production stills) that the directors had to omit (most likely due to time constraint). But it's nothing to worry too much to about. I thought there was a small lack of character development for a few characters, but I'm not pointing this to everybody in the film.

Sure, 'AVP:R' may not be able to quite top Cameron's 'Aliens' or McTiernan's 'Predator'. And it's definitely not a masterpiece. But it's still a fun ride, and I DO recommend watching this movie as part of a Christmas treat. Whether or not you're a rabid fan of Alien and/or Predator, I'm sure you'll find this movie damn well decent. I can positively say it's certainly an improvement over Anderson's film.

My personal rating would be 3.5/5, which to me is considered quite good. I only wished there was a tad bit more action and again a pinch of more character development. But otherwise, it should be pleasing enough for fans. So go watch it when you have time!  ;)

EDIT: I was a bit disappointed to learn that Shareeka Epps and Meshach Peters (the two kids seen in the hospital) were absent from the movie.  :-[ I wouldn't sulk too much, though. I'm sure we'll get to see their scenes at some time.

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Dec 25, 2007, 10:38:06 AM
Reply #6 on: Dec 25, 2007, 10:38:06 AM
My personal rating would be 3.5/5, which to me is considered quite good. I only wished there was a tad bit more action and again a pinch of more character development. But otherwise, it should be pleasing enough for fans. So go watch it when you have time!  ;)

Thats pretty much what Ive been hoping and exspecting. ;)

Dec 25, 2007, 12:23:26 PM
Reply #7 on: Dec 25, 2007, 12:23:26 PM

Here is the first one:

What A Cool Battle Between The Monsters
by jirix_warchief (movies profile) Dec 25, 2007
4 of 4 people found this review helpful

The battle scenes between the predator,the predalien and the aliens is just so cool.This movie sure has a good gore.The movie is so horrifyingly cool with lots and lots of blood.This is surely better than the first one!I hope there will be a third sequel to this movie...just can't get enough of those aliens-predator battles!!

Overall Grade: A-

Story: A
Acting: B+
Direction: B-
Visuals: B+

Here is the second one:

by chugo56 (movies profile) Dec 25, 2007


Overall Grade: A+

Story: A+
Acting: A+
Direction: A+
Visuals: A+

Dec 25, 2007, 12:29:08 PM
Reply #9 on: Dec 25, 2007, 12:29:08 PM
haha, yeah, same what i was thinking.
More gore, so its the best AVP movie ever, haha..

Ah well, atleast they are happy and enjoyed the movie

Dec 25, 2007, 12:55:57 PM
Reply #10 on: Dec 25, 2007, 12:55:57 PM

Here is the second one:

by chugo56 (movies profile) Dec 25, 2007


Overall Grade: A+

Story: A+
Acting: A+
Direction: A+
Visuals: A+


how funny... thats reallly childish^^

you said it already...
Jeez, that second one...who let a 9 year old into the theater?

i dont know! ;D

Dec 25, 2007, 01:03:14 PM
Reply #11 on: Dec 25, 2007, 01:03:14 PM
ahaha omg i love that  :) Kids love the movie

f**k im sure i'm gonna love it in 12 hours

Dec 25, 2007, 01:13:33 PM
Reply #13 on: Dec 25, 2007, 01:13:33 PM
I work at a movie theater, so I had the awesome pleasure of getting to dry run this movie (that's projection lingo for "watch movie early"). I just saw this, and let me tell's Bad-Ass, with a capital B and A, if you didn't notice. Let me explain why this sequel is roughly a jillion times better than the first movie...


The rest is in the link  of whatever wisepredator is on about

Dec 25, 2007, 01:17:06 PM
Reply #14 on: Dec 25, 2007, 01:17:06 PM
"I work at a movie theater, so I had the awesome pleasure of getting to dry run this movie (that's projection lingo for "watch movie early"). I just saw this, and let me tell's Bad-Ass, with a capital B and A, if you didn't notice. Let me explain why this sequel is roughly a jillion times better than the first movie..."

"They send a lone Predator to earth to "clean up" the mess, and let me tell you, this Predator is a complete bad-ass. If Chuck Norris had dreads, a helmet, and mandibles, he'd be this predator. No joke."


The rest is in the link  of whatever wisepredator is on about


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