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Author Topic: Concrete Jungle: Honour and Glory  (Read 4605 times)

War Wager
Sep 22, 2007, 05:11:14 PM
Reply #15 on: Sep 22, 2007, 05:11:14 PM
I'd also like a "Custom Hunting Ground" feature kinda like Far Cry, in which you can create a hunting ground, choose prey and then hunt them down.

Sep 22, 2007, 05:17:46 PM
Reply #16 on: Sep 22, 2007, 05:17:46 PM
now that would make a great game

War Wager
Sep 22, 2007, 10:01:04 PM
Reply #18 on: Sep 22, 2007, 10:01:04 PM
You'd be able to anything a Predator can do: skin at will, hang bodies and control your shuttle pod at one point. And when you get to Earth it would be GTA-style of course...  ;)

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War Wager
Sep 22, 2007, 10:53:51 PM
Reply #20 on: Sep 22, 2007, 10:53:51 PM
Gee, I don't know. Mabye just a infinite health and armour cheat or something.  :-\ You wouldn't really need to put cheats in as it'd be so damn good!  8)

dark blade clan
Sep 22, 2007, 11:02:17 PM
Reply #21 on: Sep 22, 2007, 11:02:17 PM
Would you add the wolf predator in as an alternat costume?

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War Wager
Sep 23, 2007, 12:41:34 PM
Reply #22 on: Sep 23, 2007, 12:41:34 PM
You'd be able to design your own armour, so yeah why not!  ;)

Nov 09, 2007, 04:07:38 PM
Reply #23 on: Nov 09, 2007, 04:07:38 PM
Damn.  So far I LOVE the story that you came up with so far, but I also think that you should add in the suggestions that Dingo and Jungle Hunter made.  If you did that, then I think you would have a game that would blow any other game off the map.

War Wager
Nov 09, 2007, 04:33:22 PM
Reply #24 on: Nov 09, 2007, 04:33:22 PM
I took those ideas into account ^. Thanks for the input! I changed the boss battles too, added more fights with the Bad Blood.

Colton White
Nov 18, 2007, 09:39:06 PM
Reply #26 on: Nov 18, 2007, 09:39:06 PM
Something like this would need Multiplayer!

Nov 22, 2007, 04:40:22 PM
Reply #27 on: Nov 22, 2007, 04:40:22 PM

The story would take place seven years after the events in CJ and would follow the same Predator that was in CJ. The year is 2037 and the two massive companys Weyland and Lutani have formed together becoming the infoamous Weyland Yutani. They're main goal is to create unpresedented military weaponary which they can sell all over the world for millions of dollars. At the top of the list are deadly and extreamley adaptable organisms called "Xenomorphs". The first specemin they had of this was a Queen (found on the ocean floor in Antartica (wink at AvP) which they sold to Borgia Industries for over 2 million dollars. Weyland Yutani don't only focus on military weaponary but also advanced security systems. The latest edition to this is a woman being kept alive in a tank in which they "Mother" (Lucretia Borgia). The Mother system has been installed in many advanced space ships including the newest vessel "The Nostromo" (wink at Alien).

Meanwhile the Predator that took down Borgia Industries has become Alpha Male of the Dark Blade Clan, taking over from Stone Heart who had been tested and mutanated upon in the Borgia Labs. Not long after though, the Predator Mothership is attacked by Marine forces that have been deployed from Neonopolis after the ship. Although little of their battle ships make it, many of the marines manage to board the ship (most of the game would be based on board the Predator Mothership). After days of bloody fighting, marine ships continue to flood out of Neonopolis. Our Predator decides to return to the city and finish off the marine threat once and for all. The dishonoured Predator fought on the way to Earth, begins a killing spree in Neonopolis and so is a great threat to Scarface. Also a horrible new creature appears after fighting him.

About the game:

Rating: Hard R
Features: Being able to fully customize your own Predator Warrior, from designing it's look, sound, armour and creating your very own weapons by combining others. Some parts would of the game would have Group A.I and would able you to comand your own Predator Clan.

Boss Fights:

Marine General - Onboard Mothership
Bad Blood - Shuttle down to Earth
Alien Queen - Borgia Labs
Bad Blood - Rooftops
Marine General - City park
Bad Blood - Top of train
Predalien - City sewers

What does anyone think of this idea  ???
I think that this idea would make an awesome game!

Nov 24, 2007, 02:59:46 AM
Reply #28 on: Nov 24, 2007, 02:59:46 AM
For the original poster, you inspired me to further my idea with the ideas I had for the new Predator game. Thanks, I haven't been posting here in some time due to school. Here's what I've had so far.

Predator: Galactic Jungle

Plot: The story takes place immediately after Alien 3. Bishop from Alien3 has learned of a planet that hasn't been colonized and has Xenomorphs from the original "Mother" system.  "Mother" later turned against the company and comes out of the system. Lucretia is still alive fed by blood samples from the Predators killed in Concrete Jungle preserved. She remembers what happened to her almost 2 centuries ago and wants revenge. She also has a psychic sense which she can see things. She notices a Predator ship with the Dark Blade Clan mark. She has Bishop send in Marines and go to this new planet to colonize it so she can find Scarface and kill him for killing her family.

The planet has been used by Predators to hunt Xenomorphs and other species. It seems very unoriginal and similiar to AVP 2 on PC, but CJ was similiar to AVP plot-wise just you didn't fight Predators.

Scarface is now the Elder of the Dark Blade Clan. He leads his clan into the planet to have experienced hunters and unblooded hunt. They see the new colony set up and try to get the humans out, but Scarface and clan mates get captured by Weyland-Yutani. The company sees they can also kill Predators with Xenomorphs.

In comes you, a fresh young hunter after their first kill. You must find and rescue or avenge your clanmates to prove yourself as a Hunter.

It would defintely be rated M for dismemberments, violence and skull ripping.

Game Features:

Definitely multiplayer in this.

One multiplayer game is Hunt the Trophy where Predators compete to get a trophy kill. One with 10 trophies wins the match.

Bonus Missions: Play as a Predator on various planets. The missions would take place from the comics and the movies. Recreate the battle against Dutch with you winning. Hunt in places like NYC and Russia and South America from the comics.

I like the Create a Predator Idea. Like in MK Armageddon, find various pieces of armor, masks and weapons (like the dual shoulder cannon in AVPR) to unlock and make your unique Predator. You can start by making your Predator male or female. Then select color, size, mask, armor and then you can also find in Bonus Tasks the features of the Predators from the movies and comics (Like having the Predator 1 Mask, but in Predator 2 armor).

Training would consist of both moving and using your technology. The fighting aspect would have you against other Predators to learn new moves. There would be weapon training like in CJ. I would make the Plasmacaster sound like the one from the movies.

I was considering subtitles for when Predators speak to one another, but I don't know if it would work.

You have the option of skinning enemies, you can scan a soldier or someone else to see if they're worthy. There are bonus Trophy (Skull Rip) kills which can help you upgrade your skills.

I see weapons being upgraded like Force Powers in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. You are given points at how well you hunt and fight. The more points, the more you can use to upgrade your abilities like how much you're healed by a Medicomp, how fast your Wristblades kill and the amount of damage your Plasmacaster does.

Bosses (in story order)

Xenomorph (On planet)
Alien that was the original design for the Predator as a bonus kill (On planet)
5 Colonial Marines
4 Syndicate Mercanaries
Bad Blood
Bad Blood (All bosses are fought around the colony except for the Xenomorph and Alien in jungle)

Alien Hive:
Predalien (You rescue a Predator earlier only it gets chestbursted and the Predalien runs away quick to the Hive)
Alien Queen

Lucretia Borgia

(She finds the old technology Hunter used to make himself like a Predator and uses it to turn into a Predator and torture a weakened Scarface, she is ready to kill him until you come in) (She also has a room with a shrine of Predator skulls and blood from the Predators she captured and killed recently. She got crazy after remembering what it did to her family, obsessed with them like Rykov from AvP2)

I was even thinking about a mini-game where you do button-mashing to get a Facehugger off your mask if they jump onto to it.

Boy, did I just say a mouthful.

Nov 24, 2007, 09:41:42 AM
Reply #29 on: Nov 24, 2007, 09:41:42 AM
Hehe.... ideas sound awesome, but they are quite.... useless.... if you are not making the game yourself... but it's always fun to dream :-\


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