Aliens: Dark Descent Achievement List Now Available

Started by Corporal Hicks, Jun 15, 2023, 02:18:21 PM

Aliens: Dark Descent Achievement List Now Available (Read 2,200 times)

Corporal Hicks

With Aliens: Dark Descent officially releasing in 5 days time, the achievement list is now available to those who pre-ordered and has made its way online! There are a total of 45 achievements, 19 of which are considered “secret” (but we still find the details online).

This Went SmoothlyFinish the game on Medium.15
Fair And SquareFinish the game on Hard.30
This Ain’t No PicnicFinish the game on Nightmare.90
Perfect OrganismFinish the game on “No One Can Hear Them Scream” mode.30
Cleaning Lethe, One Nest At A TimeDuring a campaign, kill 100 Xenomorphs.5
Come on, You Wanna Live Forever?Advance a Sergeant to level 10.15
El Riesgo Siempre ViveAdvance a Gunner to level 10.15
Bandage LoverAdvance a Medic to level 10.15
The Cable GuyAdvance a Tecker to level 10.15
FrontlinerAdvance a Recon to level 10.15
Hardened In The Heat Of BattleDuring a campaign, advance each Marine Class to level 10.30
Flawless VictoryKeep all of your marines alive during a campaign.90
ArchivistGather all datapads.30
Colonial BarrelsKill an enemy by using an explosive barrel.15
Damn Dude, You Gotta Lose Some Weight!Secure an unconscious marine.15
Omelette Du FromageDestroy 4 eggs with one grenade or an RPG shot.15
Recouped InvestmentHave one Sentry kill at least 10 aliens.15
This Was No PapercutSave a marine from dying of Bleeding.5
Keep ‘Em ComingKill every Alien of a Massive Onslaught.5
Snatched OutPrevent a marine from being Abducted.15
The True ExperienceIn any mission, complete at least one objective with only one marine in the squad.15
The Shrink Hates MeRemove a Trait from a marine.15
Call Me SnakeKill an enemy before they detect the squad.15
Perfect EnhancementsDuring a campaign, unlock every Xeno Tech.90
One For Every OccasionDuring a campaign, unlock every weapons.15
People PersonDuring a campaign, secure 5 survivors.30

You can view the details of the secret achievements over on Aliens: Dark Descent releases on the 20th of June. If you haven’t already you can pre-order it on Amazon for £34.99/$39.99. (UK/US)

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Cool! You get to evac survivors! The kind of game I thought PHG would be!

Still Collating...

Nice, multiple killable Queens, Nightmare difficulty and an interesting game mode. It says complete the game, so I doubt it's a specific shorter game mode, maybe a special way to play the campaign. And an interesting play on words, Perfect Organism, "No one can hear THEM scream". Either it's a subversion where the marines destroy the aliens in a spectacular way somehow, or maybe you're not playing as the marines in that game mode....? I doubt it, would be fun though, but almost certainly not gonna happen.


Never been able to figure out the point of 'achievements' like these on Steam.

Still Collating...

Yeah, they literally for me only serve as an early info dump on what to expect in the game.


The hype is real. Time to get every single one!  8)


Yes but what about the Trophies?/s

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