I 100% Alien Isolation...

Started by OctoberSpirits, Mar 05, 2022, 05:16:49 AM

I 100% Alien Isolation... (Read 2,188 times)



I played the crap out of this game once it came out originally in October 2014, I actually had it down to having to beat The Evil Within a week prior before Alien Isolation released. But I enjoyed Alien Isolation so much, I actually platinumed this game not once... but THREE times. PS3, PS4 and PS4 again but bought a Japanese Disc copy of the game. I'm better sure if I had a better running PC I would do it all over again on there. I know Nintendo Switch doesn't really do achievements, but I have noticed little accomplishments I'll say when playing and doing something the game recognizes.



What can I say, good job !

Brooklyn First Team

I'm still dumbfounded on how to get the achievement where you don't kill any humans.

I thought I was able to do it a few times, but I never got credit for it.

But good job!

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