ALIEN Poetry - A Sequence of Poems - WAKING UP

Started by Raym, Aug 11, 2011, 08:36:04 PM

ALIEN Poetry - A Sequence of Poems - WAKING UP (Read 529 times)



I have no idea, if this is the right place for that - especially when considering that this is my first post. So first: hello everybody, I am Raym! What you'll read here is the first fragment of a long sequence of poems inspired by the Alien Universe and reflecting events, that happened in this dark world of mystery. I hope you like it ...

Waking Up

I want to find
I want to find ... we wake up
And images of home arise

Rising from the darkest star
Born into a fractured world
Lost within something, we'll never know

The birth of new mind
On a distant planet, we are told to see

And death might come fast these day
... waiting to be rescued

Thanks a lot for reading. Other parts will follow soon.


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