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Which AvP movie do you like better?


Author Topic: Poll: AvP vs AvPR  (Read 585128 times)

Dec 22, 2020, 11:54:14 PM
Reply #4755 on: Dec 22, 2020, 11:54:14 PM
If I'm allowed to be pretentious for a second, Die Hard's superior entertainment, most likely, but Covenant's art. It's not a fair comparison to either of them.

City Hunter Yautja
Jul 08, 2021, 07:49:53 AM
Reply #4761 on: Jul 08, 2021, 07:49:53 AM
AVPR for me.

When its an Alien or Predator film you have to have a R rating and gore. AVP feels like an introduction for tweens to the franchises; toning down the horror to make it more palpable for a younger audience [and get those extra dollars too]. AVPR on the other hand feels like the true collision between the Predator and Xenomorph.

AVP disappointed me, it felt too conservative. We don’t need exposition or the Aurora Borealis. We want to see a smackdown between the two most dangerous creatures in the universe, “Whoever Wins, We Lose,” should have been the tagline for AVPR, while AVP should have had the tagline, “Date Night with a Predator.” :D

I love AVPR, the woodland atmosphere and city, how Xenos overwhelm the inhabitants (realistic) and how Wolf kicks some Xenomorph tail. The acting is terrible at times, but trust me, teens act like that, I was one.

In the end I think fans of the Predator and Xenos have each a film to love. For me AVP woukd have been better with the traditional blood, horror, and gore; I mean during the chestburster scene I yawned, and not because I’ve seen chestbursters before.


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