What happens when all marines die?

Started by Nukiemorph, Nov 27, 2020, 11:40:31 PM

What happens when all marines die? (Read 6,792 times)


I cannot find a single review, forum post, or playthrough video that addresses this. I've been restarting the game any time I lose more than one marine. I assume everyone else in the world did the same or is just way better at this game than I am. :P

Do you just restart at the last save room with the squad you had during last save?

People use the term "permadeath" when discussing the marine system and it freaks me out. It doesn't actually wipe your save file and make you restart the game, does it?


Alright, I finished the game before I got an answer, so I gave it a try and let all marines die. You get a "game over" screen and then the game reboots from the copyright screen. From there, you can jump back in at your last save point.

So if you lose marine you didn't want to lose, you can intentionally let the others die and allow the game to reboot for you, or you can save yourself the time and just reboot it yourself.

Gr33n M4n

Is this a game for the Nintendo?


Yep, Nintendo DS.


I was actually thinking about this as well. I've only just started playing the game and on the third mission with 2 marines left.

Corporal Hicks

I'd assume revert to the last save where you had one alive.

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