Alien Prequel Ripoffs, Requels & Promethesque Trivia

Started by Immortan Jonesy, Feb 10, 2019, 11:10:28 PM

Alien Prequel Ripoffs, Requels & Promethesque Trivia (Read 31,897 times)


The Necronoir

Quote from: Immortan Jonesy on Jan 23, 2020, 12:46:33 AM

Can't believe I only just realised this is a riff on the iconic cover of the original AVP comic run!

Later repurposed for the SNES game.


Wish it was anywhere near on par with the original.

Immortan Jonesy

I think I had already shared a similar image of a jockey-like helmet worn by a comic character, but hadn't done much research on the story. This one from here first appeared in the SANDMAN: Master of Dreams comic from DC in 1989. That makes it impossible for it to have been influenced by the prequels, but on the other hand there is ALIEN from 1979. 🤔

Anyway, check the description below.  :laugh:👇

Immortan Jonesy

Immortan Jonesy


Although there is no alien baby here, there is a somewhat familiar scene in the movie Sillent Runner (1972).  :laugh:

Edit: In addition, the design of the spaceships is similar to the USCSS Covenant.

Immortan Jonesy

In Lost in Space (2018) s1 ep10 'Danger, Will Robinson' , Will Robinson's Mother lures their alien Robot, who has become hostile towards them, into the cargo bay and knocks him into space...

Then a second alpha alien robot arrives to the Jupiter 2. As the second alien robot is about to kill Will, his Robot remembers their friendship and saves Will, hurtling both itself and the second one into space.

The whole sequence reminded me of the final confrontation in Covenant. :laugh:

Also, there's a repair scene in space and the Lost in Space suits are very similar to the Prometheus ones. Surprisingly enough, Janty Yates had nothing to do with it.  :laugh:

Immortan Jonesy

Immortan Jonesy


thumbnail <3

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