The Alien Vs. Predator Games Are WAY Better Than The Movies

Started by OpenMaw, Oct 02, 2022, 05:28:07 PM

The Alien Vs. Predator Games Are WAY Better Than The Movies (Read 1,515 times)




I mean, yeah, doubt anybody would dispute such a statement


For me, the 4 1st person shooter AvP's are the gold standard for AvP. Wish we could get all 4 release on modern platforms and a new game.


AvP2 really should have been adapted into a film. It probably still could be. But they cheap out all the time and can't make a film in the future where it's supposed to be. ::)


Reminds me of the movie version of Doom.


AvP had the right idea with the balancing mechanic.  Humans had rapid fire technology that could destroy anybody in the open.  Predators had more powerful technology, and were hearty.  Aliens were usain bolt on crack cocaine but could get cooked out in the open.  You had to recognize this as the player to succeed as each species.  It also was the most tense experience just because the game was harder than the rest.  Literally all of the species could destroy you if you were playing in a hurry or sloppy. 

I like AvP2 the best of all of them because of the SP immersion and because of the world building.  Sometimes I just wish it had been released in 2005 like FEAR was with FEARs AI.  Shit would've been awesome.  Being the predator fighting Marine or corporate AI who flanks you, or presses you into something you didn't want to do.  Aliens that stalk you like the ninjas did in FEAR.  Being the Alien and using something like the slowmo mechanic to get your chop on.   

AvP3 I think was the worse of the bunch.  Good graphics, and absolutely aces portrayal of Marines.  They really act like warrior cultist, but weak everywhere else. 

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