Not Too Little, Not Too Much. Talking to Bennett Taylor, Prey's Raphael Adolini - AvP Galaxy Podcast #154

Started by Corporal Hicks, Oct 24, 2022, 09:50:41 PM

Not Too Little, Not Too Much. Talking to Bennett Taylor, Prey's Raphael Adolini - AvP Galaxy Podcast #154 (Read 4,169 times)

Corporal Hicks

We have just uploaded the 154th episode of the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast (right-click and save as to download)! In our latest episode Corporal Hicks and RidgeTop are talking to Bennett Taylor, the actor who brought Raphael Adolini to life in Prey!

 Not Too Little, Not Too Much. Talking to Bennett Taylor, Prey's Raphael Adolini - AvP Galaxy Podcast #154

We talk Predator: 1718, fanfilms, Predators in the past, accents and other languages, and plenty more!

Be sure to check out Bennett on his various social media channels! You can find him on Twitter and YouTube.

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You've been spoiling us lately, Corporal



Great listen to while doing work! It's pretty awesome to know that Bennett is also a huge fan of the comic. The film's Raphael Adolini as a pioneer is an interesting switch from a pirate. Rather it's a shame that we didn't have a small moment to explore that in a small conversation between Naru and Raphael. A strong breather scene of character exploration for both sides and all that good stuff. Raphael wanting to make something of himself also goes with the theme of proving yourself in ability, which could have worked in with the right dialogue. Oh well, it's a shame but we just can't have it all! Would be awesome to see Bennett appear in the Alien series, like killed in Prey, only to be reincarnated in an equally, if not worse, situation with Aliens in the far future.  :laugh: 




Deducting points for not knowing Jungle Hunter uses Billy's laugh lol


To be fair, I don't think I realised it was Billy's laugh until a few viewings in either. At first I thought it was just a general "evil laugh".

And like Adam it was a long time before I realised the Predators could mimic people's voices on their own, without the use of their tech. Given you'd often get POV shots with them human characters' dialogue repeating over and over while a "sound meter" kinda thing popped up on the left side of the screen, I always thought they'd just recorded those lines and played them back later.

But yeah, given that Jungle Hunter uses Billy's laugh at the end as his actual laugh, I maybe should have picked up on that sooner! :laugh:

Anyway, another great podcast guys! Bennett seems like a cool guy, and that's great that he actually got an original copy of 1718! And that ending was indeed great! :laugh:


Even without that, him immediately repeating "what the hell are you?" when Dutch asks is what's supposed to show it's natural. The mask just lets them pick it up faster.


Yeah, but that doesn't sound anywhere remotely like a perfect impersonation like we hear all the other times. If anything that's probably what helped contribute to me thinking it was always a voice recording being used for those moments.


Listen to your podcast every week I mow my lawn, we need more Predator content please running out of episodes to listen  Too


That's what great about podcasts - they leave your hands so you can do something while listening

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