Jake Busey Interview - Plays Keyes' Son.

Started by ace3g, Jun 25, 2017, 08:27:26 AM

Jake Busey Interview - Plays Keyes' Son. (Read 29,933 times)


Given the circumstances, you can bet on the appearance of Danny Glover. If they came up with the son of Keyes, then Glover's participation does not seem so fantastic.

The Wolverine Predator

I really like Predator 2 as well....I liked the City Hunter and Glover's character


I'm genuinely happy that Jake is playing the son of his father's character.

I've always liked Jake Busey even when he was only in minor roles.



So, 10 or 11 years after Paxton and Baldwin dodging Requiem, we're getting a Predator 2 legacy character after all.

The OWLF stuff is a great thread for the franchise.

Full circle, baby.


Baldwin is probably the most forgettable character in Predator 2. 

Corporal Hicks

We probably only play Garber any attention because it is Adam Baldwin. I'm curious to see if they connect even further with OWLF.


That's awesome they are connecting the Keyes family. Be amusing if Augusto Aguilars character was the Unborn child in P2



Nice to see P2 getting some recognition. A deeply misunderstood film. It added so much to the Pred lore that is now just taken for granted.


This is really great news. I've been thinking since there were so many loose ends with P2 we might be seeing quite a bit of the aftermath of that movie.


I knew it. He looks way too much like his old man to be cast as some random character in this series. I like that he's playing a scientist, and not some crazed commando out to avenge his dad. I was worried there for awhile. This movie is actually starting to sound pretty exciting.



OK, good, there's lots of other fans of Predator 2.  I won't say I liked it more than Arnold's, but it was so different from the first that I really have a fondness for it.  The oversized suits and the constant sweating are, for some reason, my favorite parts (other than "F'n voodoo mah-jik, mon!")

Corporal Hicks

The interview has been taken down.


It's strange that Jake did not know about the fact that it was supposed to be a surprise though too obvious for the fans.



Jake also did not know the release date of the film has been pushed back to August 3, 2018. He still thinks film is still coming out February 9, 2018.  haha


Fox are being a bit weird with this movie. Between this and the set/crew pics that were all taken down. Do they actually not want anyone talking about this movie?

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