Jake Busey Interview - Plays Keyes' Son.

Started by ace3g, Jun 25, 2017, 08:27:26 AM

Jake Busey Interview - Plays Keyes' Son. (Read 29,857 times)

Salt The Fries

He kinda looks like Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age.


Nice to see some continuity with Pred 2 for a change. Such an underrated movie.

Mark Ward

Mark Ward

Yep, so stoked with this news and the link to the mythology is awesome. P2 always gets a bit of a beating when compared to Predator, almost like a poor cousin. But with this it really brings it into the mix properly - can't wait to see what Jake does with the material - this news has made my day!


Predator 2 getting the love


This made me sooooo happy!


A nice little surprise.  I never expected anything to come of Predator 2.


Someone as impulsive and crazed as Keyes having a son he encouraged into the field of rationality and science. :laugh:



Oh well. He flubbed the release date and said it would be a mad scramble to finish it by febuary 9th 2018



""He [Shane Black] called me and he said "hey, you wanna do this movie? We don't have money for you but it'll be a fun thing to come play and be your father's son."

They don't have the money.....but From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series did?  He was on that show for more than a couple of episodes, right?



if he was not paid at all i would look at that as a free vacation
Private jet rides
Kraft food service
An assitant
Beautiful canada
Free place to sleep
And get's to play and have fun being an actor in a predator movie for three weeks hanging out with shane black
And he will have screen time putting his face up in what might be the biggest and best film he will ever star in
Leading to possibly landing other acting gigs as a direct result of having this role in "the predator"
It is a win win


I would like to see Peter's wife and indeed the whole family, but this is already for sequels.


Wow, that´s some awesome news! At some point I was tired of Arnold possible cameo. Finally Predator 2 is receiving some recognition as part of the official or canon story.



Great to see a lot of positive reactions regarding this news and to The Predator overall. I'm not being ironic, I really mean it, I think I never read so many positive comments in a row about this movie, it's cool !

Anyway, Jake Busey could not have played anyone else, I mean he looks almost exactly like his father.



Glad to see that Predator 2 is still in continuity. Hated back when during Predators , Rodriguez said that 2 is no longer canon. And happy for Jake Busey being in the movie. Now only if Danny Glover can make a cameo.


Good news. Glad there's that connection to Predator 2.

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