Alien returning to theaters starting April 26th!

Started by MudButt, Apr 03, 2024, 04:02:00 PM

Alien returning to theaters starting April 26th! (Read 7,633 times)


Quote from: Elmazalman on Apr 18, 2024, 04:28:48 AM
Quote from: Nightmare Asylum on Apr 17, 2024, 02:32:05 PMCovenant's Neomorph bursting scenes are pretty visceral and cruel, too.

The back-burster and the foolish Captain?

The film does have some really nasty moments in it - there's the tail whip that rips a character's jaw right off their face/head! And the shower deaths.

Rosey's head floating in a sink.  Twice.

Slutty Badger

Nothing is scarier.


Nothing is really scary anymore, rather.


Spielberg and Lucas complained to Fox in '79 about the brutality of Alien and that it would destroy everything they had built with Close Encounter and Star Wars. :)


If true, that makes me like both of them a bit less  >:(



it's in the background notes of David Rinzler's Alien The Making of Book.

I'm not really surprised by Lucas's reaction, but Spielberg also had a relatively brutal film with Jaws, as has already been mentioned here.

OK, those were just their first reactions to it.
 I even think I read statements from interviews or saw them on TV where both praised the film several years later.
Funnily enough, according to Rinzler's reports, Spielberg had also read the script for Alien and told those in charge that it would be stupid to miss the chance to make the film.
So it contradicts itself a bit

Nightmare Asylum

That gut reaction from Spielberg & Lucas isn't entirely shocking, given the way they've since distanced themselves from their own portrayal of brutality in Temple of Doom, dismissing their own film as the product of a time when they were both in dark places (going through divorces).

Anyways, Temple of Doom rocks.

Slutty Badger

Quote from: Nightmare Asylum on Apr 18, 2024, 02:23:13 PMAnyways, Temple of Doom rocks.

For me it's the weakest of the films (excepting Dial, which I will probably never see).

Yep, even behind Crystal Skull.

Nightmare Asylum

I genuinely really dig Crystal Skull (I'm also a Star Wars prequel enjoyer, so I guess 2000s-era Lucas just does it for me; I miss having his voice in cinema and I really hope that he is making those indie films that he always talked about to screen for his friends).

Dial of Destiny's biggest problem, in my opinion, is that the directing is never really as kinetic or lively as Spielberg's. Not to knock Mangold, I'm a fan of him in general, but Spielberg's absence is noticeable. Ford gives one hell of a performance, though, and that movie is really his baby at the end of the day. I enjoyed it on first viewing; haven't seen it since but I'm sure I will end up watching it again down the line.

If Raiders is the ultimate throwback to the pulp serials that inspired Lucas (and potentially my favorite Spielberg movie, full stop), then Temple of Doom just straight up is one of those serials brought to life in the (then) modern day (problematic representational elements included, unfortunately). It has a lot of appeal to it as this rip-roaring adventure that's just always on the move, and also doubles as a pretty horrifying 80s fantasy movie. There's so much to love there, even though it isn't quite the masterpiece that is Raiders. It was my favorite Indy movie as a kid, and I'll never second guess myself as to why that was the case - there's a crazy mine cart chase, lots of gross bugs, and a dude gets his heart ripped out, for crying out loud!


I'll have to see it with my friend and maybe a family member. Been years (since Prometheus, actually) since I've seen an Alien film in theaters. Last film connected to either franchise I saw was Prey on TV.

Nightmare Asylum

Watch Covenant.





The Giger estate is sleeping this one off.

Slutty Badger

None of the cinemas in my area are doing anything for Alien Day.

F**king sucks.


4 more days!

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