Started by broughtpain, Jun 03, 2016, 12:07:29 AM

Gambling (Read 902 times)



How much would it take to get a wager system and forum aspect in place? I got thinking about all the different discussions that have a wait and see or anticipatory element and thought it might be fun to be able to wager on things. Whether it's a system that utilizes an AVPGalaxy specific currency, real money or some kind of combination, like buying AVPGalaxy currency with real money, having a regular distribution scheme or combination isn't something that I'm set on. I do think a gambling or betting aspect would be fun and a way to generate money for the site.

"And more" should be added to the thread title.

An AVPGalaxy currency would also be good for rewards for things like polls and signing up for trials. That's another avenue for generating revenue. Having a store where different things like avatars, post borders, different colors and other stuff for customization would be a nice addition. Also, other stuff could be sold in the store. An arcade area where games use AVPGalaxy currency and various prizes could be won would be cool.

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