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Forum Rules / Help FAQ (Read 56,720 times)



Forum Rules

Here's the rules:

- Be Nice & Respecful. Be nice to other members. While a forum is for debating issues, just plain insulting people will not be tolerated.
- Don't abuse the private messaging system. This includes sending unwanted messages to people. Asking them to join your forum or something similar.
- Search! If you're new, search the forum before creating any topics because a lot of the time, the subject will have already been discussed somewhere else.
- No discussion of P2P downloading/illegal streaming. This includes discussion about downloading movies, music, games, software etc. Providing links to such places is strictly not allowed. [Amendment 16/3/16: File-sharing is acceptable for discontinued Alien/Predator-related items or extremely hard to find items such as rare books/comics/games.]
- Spamming is Forbidden. Please refrain from posting meaningless threads and/or one word posts. Avoid doubleposting. Instead, edit your original post. You can doublepost if nobody has responded to it for a while and bump it back to the top. Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed. Don't post pictures as a response to something. When people start doing this, they take the topic off the rails. This is spamming and I delete any stuff like this on the spot. If you haven't got anything important to add to the topic, simple, don't post there.

- No Necroposting. Don't post in really old threads unless you have something important to say.

- Think About What You're Posting. If what you're posting is offensive, insensitive or etc, please don't post it. Use your common sense.
- Don't post offensive Pictures/Videos. This includes posting and/or linking to pictures or videos that people may find offensive. For example, posting pornography is not allowed. Also avoid posting pictures that directly insult other members.
- Spelling and Grammar. Please be careful with your spelling and grammar. This is absolutely essential. Typing in capital letters and posting incoherently is grounds for being banned. Also please note that this is an English speaking website.

- No Multiple Accounts. Each member is allowed one login account. Registering multiple accounts is not allowed. Fraudulent behaviour is not allowed. E.g. Registering another account and pretending to be somebody else. This -includes- a famous person such as a well-known actor or movie director. If you have problems activating your account, please see this page. If you have forgotten your password, simply use the Forgot Password function to create a new one.
- Avatars & Signatures. There are rules in place for avatars and signatures. Read the section below for more information.
- Advertising. Advertising your Alien/Predator website/forum is allowed but don't register here if that's your sole purpose. It's courtesy to make a few posts at least before you can advertise your site. And please, don't use the private messaging system asking people to join your forum. This is against the rules.
- Don't Post Members' Personal Info. Posting another member's personal or contact information on the forums without their consent is strictly not allowed. Also, posting content from private messages without consent is also against the forum rules, if you receive harassing or abusive PMs please report the PM.
- Movie Boards Are For Movies. Please keep references to expanded universe concepts to a minimum in the Alien/Predator movie boards.
- We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice.
- We also reserve the right to ban anyone who violates the forum rules. A banned user may also be banned from the rest of the site if deemed necessary.

- Trolling will not be tolerated here. Trolls will be banned.

- There is absolutely nothing wrong with differing opinions or disagreements. What we expect to see are people discussing their reasonings in a mature fashion. Insulting others, trolling, immature behavior in the course of these discussions aren't tolerated. They aren't interesting to read or to take part in. These are adult movies, let's ensure we act like adults.

- Death threats or wishing death on others will not be tolerated here.

- Negatively towards peoples sexual orientation is also not tolerated here.

- Do not bring your issues with other users from different Alien or Predator communities here, or try to reignite arguments from other locales here.




Frequently Asked Questions

What restrictions do you have on avatars?
-Avatars must be a maximum size of 100 x 100 pixels.
-Your avatar must not be an animated GIF either.

What restrictions do you have on signatures?
-Only one image allowed. No exceptions.
-That image must not be an animated GIF.
-Maximum width must be 600px.
-Must not be an offensive image.

How do I add an avatar or signature to my profile?
Go to Profile > Forum Profile Information. We have a selection of pre-made avatars. If you have your own image, upload it to Photobucket or Imageshack. Select 'I have my own pic' and copy the link into the box. For signatures, scroll down and add the link in the box. You can use BBCode here. When you're finished, click Change Profile and your changes are saved.

How do I use Bulletin Board Code (BBCode)?
You might need to use BBCode for posting images or links etc. Please see this help page.

What are the ranks / stars?
The stars you get depend on how many posts you make. You can choose your post group by going to Look and Layout preferences in your profile.


----1 Star----
0-49= Alien Egg
050-099= Colonist
----2 Stars----
100-249= Facehugger
250-499= Space Trucker
----3 Stars----
500-749= Chestburster
750-999= Prisoner
----4 Stars----
1000-2499= Alien
2500-4999= Colonial Marine
----5 Stars----
5000-7499= Dog Alien
7500-9999= Mercenary
----6 Stars----
10000-12499= Predalien
12500-14999= Synthetic
----7 Stars----
15000-17499= Predator
17500-19999= Elder Predator
----7 Gold Stars----
20000-22499= Space Jockey
22500-24999 = Dutch
25000-29999 = Ripley
30000+ = ???


----1 Star----
0-49= Alien Egg
050-099= Facehugger
----2 Stars----
100-249= Super Facehugger
250-499= Chestburster
----3 Stars----
500-749= Giger's Alien
750-999= Hive Alien
----4 Stars----
1000-2499= Warrior Alien
2500-4999= Carrier Alien
----5 Stars----
5000-7499= Runner Alien
7500-9999= Predalien
----6 Stars----
10000-12499= Praetorian
12500-14999= Space Jockey
----7 Stars----
15000-17499= Kane
17500-19999= Brett
20000-22499= Dallas
22500-24999 = Parker
25000-29999 = Lambert
30000-49999 = Ash
50000-99999 = Ripley
100000+ = Jonesy


----1 Star----
0-49= Anytime
050-099= City Hunter
----2 Stars----
100-249= Falconer Predator
250-499= Tracker Predator
----3 Stars----
500-749= Berserker Predator
750-999= Elder Predator
----4 Stars----
1000-2499= River Ghost
2500-4999= Hawkins
----5 Stars----
5000-7499= Blain
7500-9999= Mac
----6 Stars----
10000-12499= Dillon
12500-14999= Poncho
----7 Stars----
15000-17499= Billy
17500-19999= Lambert
20000-22499= Keyes
22500-24999 = Nikolai
25000-29999 = Royce
30000-49999 = Harrigan
50000-99999 = Dutch
100000+ = King Willie


----1 Star----
0-49= Colonist
050-099= Prisoner
----2 Stars----
100-249= Colonial Marine
250-499= Mercenary
----3 Stars----
500-749= Synthetic
750-999= Bishop
----4 Stars----
1000-2499= Pvt. Wierzbowski
2500-4999= Pvt. Crowe
----5 Stars----
5000-7499= Pvt. Spunkmeyer
7500-9999= Pvt. Frost
----6 Stars----
10000-12499= Pvt. Drake
12500-14999= Pvt. Vasquez
----7 Stars----
15000-17499= Pvt. Hudson
17500-19999= Cpl. Dietrich
20000-22499= Cpl. Ferro
22500-24999 = Cpl. Hicks
25000-29999 = Sgt. Apone
30000-49999 = Lt. Gorman
50000-99999 = Ripley
100000+ = Newt

The ranks with question marks will be revealed when somebody reaches that rank.

Why can't I delete or modify my posts?
This has been abused in the past so changes had to be made. Currently, you can only delete your post if it is the last post in the topic. You can still modify them however.

How do I become a moderator?
There are no set rules. Assuming we need moderators, generally, you need to be somewhat active in that board. We generally choose long-term members who have been here a while. Reporting posts is a good way to show you'll be good a moderating, though don't abuse this feature by using it too much. I have a strict policy about not choosing anybody who works for another site in the AvP community. Moderators are discussed among the entire staff here, not just me. If none of the other staff have any strong objections to somebody wanting to be a moderator, then I will make them one. If you are interested in becoming a moderator, feel free to message me and I'll keep you in mind.

Reporting Offending Posts/PMs
Next to every post, you'll find a Report To Moderator link. Use that if you want to report it to the moderator. E.g. if it's offensive or something like that. You can also do the same thing with private messages.

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