(xbox)2015Aliens:ColonialMarines DLC PARTY

Started by jimmy has noface, Mar 23, 2015, 06:35:53 AM

(xbox)2015Aliens:ColonialMarines DLC PARTY (Read 2,071 times)

jimmy has noface

jimmy has noface

hello every one
iv been trying to add as many people as i can on XBOX LIIVE who have colonial marines and a mic

sadly i was one of the few who bought the game pre order and got all the cool stuff including a extra alien bandanna
and sadly it cost $179
and sadly i brought the season pass for $40 for maps iv only ever played 1s

i am still trying to get my moneys worth out of the game

i know the story is pretty bull shit and every one hates Oneal but the online can still be fun

if any of you guys still play aliens colonial marines on xbox please send me a message at my profile (v10l3nt punx) letting me know your adding me through the site and also a reply on this page

it is preferred that you have some DLCs and a mic but don't specifically buy them for this because unless you already have them its not worth it and ill still add you any way if you dont have them

add v10l3nt punx on xbox live

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