New Predators International Trailer!

Started by Darkness, Jun 23, 2010, 09:51:22 AM

New Predators International Trailer! (Read 22,314 times)



Now this is more like it! This trailer alone looks better then the entire avp films.


i had a f**ked up dream last night - i dreamt i went to cinema to watch predators and it was worst than avp - urgh!!!! ...10 days to go.


After the R-rated trailer for AVP:R completely spoiled every single violent moment for me, I'll do my best to avoid watching this trailer...



Trailer looked awesome! ;D I think that scene where all the Predators are on Royce and you see Isabelle and Hanzo in the background is the final scene of the movie. Think about it, how are those 3 supposted to fight over 14 Predators? They don't. It's just a wild guess, but I think its the last scene of the movie or something.  ???  :-\


 Remember, some Predators have more than one cannon on their shoulders, some carry two as a double advantage so there could be half the number of preds as you see targets!


i dont man ive been saying this movie gonna suck for awhile now and i dont care for some of the characters or the way the preds.look but even for me the more i see the more i like it.this might just be pretty awesome.the trailers that ive seen look great.cant wait could be epic.ill see you in the theaters! :o



 But the actual lazer is on the Predators' mask, so even if they had 2 shoulder cannons, they would still only have one lazer on their mask. Judging by the trailers and stuff, there aren't any Preds that have 2 lazers on their masks. And even if you're right, there's still like 7 Predators they haft to fight, so there still screwed anyway... lol.

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