Crew Expendable and Last Survivor DLC Playthroughs

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Crew Expendable and Last Survivor DLC Playthroughs (Read 52,935 times)


On the subject of accuracy (putting aside the hokey premise) - Sevastopol obviously wasn't constructed when Alien happens.  So it was built after - yet the decor is the same as a tug that was old when it blew up.


I think some of the game logs say Sevastopol was built shortly before or around 2122.

It also was always a cut-rate project like all of Seegson's works, so I wouldn't be surprised if it had recycled decor.


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I'm glad they didn't touch on such topics. If they had gone about certain events the wrong way or what people thought was not the right way, they would have gotten nothing but backlash from the fan base. Its happened so many times before.

Except they did go on and on about how much of $EGA'$ dineros were spent making everything exactly perfect down to the literal soles of Ripley's shoes and making all the new stuff exactly match the old stuff, only it doesn't.

Yes but even the new stuff is based on existing material and ideas. What happened to Lambert and other things is really pushing it. Everyone wanted to know the origins behind the Space Jockeys. When we finally got it, the idea was criticized by most. So staying away from what hasn't been established I think is a smart move by CA. Stick to what we know is factual and build on it.


QuoteI think some of the game logs say Sevastopol was built shortly before or around 2122.

Would've been handy for the Nostromo crew to know.


I may have the date wrong. Either way, it existed at the time.


Holy shit, just skimmed through those, looks so f**king cool. Looked at the scene where Ripley sets the self-destruct. Nerded out so much. So close to the movie.


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On the subject of accuracy (putting aside the hokey premise) - Sevastopol obviously wasn't constructed when Alien happens.  So it was built after - yet the decor is the same as a tug that was old when it blew up.

You'd think that, but apparently Sieg and Son were telepathic (it happens more than once)

Corporal Hicks

Space Ikea...obvs.


So it'd be like fitting out a new building in the 1990s with 1970s decor and fittings but without trying to be retro or ironic...

Corporal Hicks

If it's been around as long as Speedy says then it's not really a problem - the decor, whilst old at the time, might have just been cheaper. It's not W-Y after all - and that's the point.


If it's been around as long as Speedy says - it creates continuity issues.

I'll take questionable artistic choices by Seegson architects over more continuity issues.



It clearly says 2122.

Also says Thedus is super colonized; whilst travel in the AU is hella fast, as in faster than star wars, hauling the kind of shit they're implying is.. well credulity straining or uvula staining.


Anyways I've got needle biopsy crap to deal with tomorrow, will be streaming more after that, if anything else comes to memory I'll throw you a pm.



Biopsy?  Fun.

USG Ishimura

USG Ishimura

QuoteThe Ash-triggering-alarm scene wasn't part of either theatrical or directors cut, yet they showed it in Crew Expendable. Dallas and Brett are cocooned on one of the landing legs of the ship, access to which is on C-deck, thus making it odd. I mean, you are exploring C-deck in Last Survivor in order to set the self-destruct system.

Ash did trigger the alarm and close the inner airlock door at the last moment in the Alan Dean Foster novelization, only for the Alien to get a limb caught in the door causing Ripley and Parker to be caught up in the depressurization; this scene was going to be in the movie but the only filmed the Bridge portion of it with Lambert and Ripley communicating with Parker, who traversing the ship, stumbles upon the Alien in the airlock antechamber.

It would have been nice to see Brett and Dallas cocooned up, but can certainly understand why they didn't. More modeling work and time I guess.

It's really excellent to see the Nostromo depicted in a videogame in this way; the detail and general aesthetic of the corridors and rooms are superb. The Ash 'voice-alike' is really good and sounds a lot like Ian Holm.

I haven't played the DLC yet, so I'm going from Youtube videos, but it's great to see the A-Deck following the set plan for the movie. They've made changes to the layout as others have commented on, such as the ladders not touching the ceiling; an extra suit locker and corridors being longer.
With the info depicted here, I will be going full speed now on developing some internal Nostromo blueprints. I don't know if I will follow B-Deck or C-Decks; the way things look on plan seem to have been done specifically for the game rather than how ladders line up level-to-level etc.
There seem to be two Engine Rooms; there's a strange walkway that goes around the top of the Undercarriage / Claw Room. But I'm nitpicking. It is a game, it looks absolutely superb and I can't wait to play it. Certainly lots of great ideas from a blueprint perspective and I'm pleased to see that.
The garage and claw room look terrific, I can actually see what the helijet thing parked in the garage looks like now :-)


I'm not seeing the issue on the dating - if Sevastopol went up in the same year as Alien, fine. The incident on LV426 was thus after it became operational. And given Seegson's notorious cheapness and second-rate workmanship, is it any shock their decor and tech haven't been updated much in 15 years? The station isn't decorated 'period' - it's decorated and outfitted the way it was when it opened, and it hasn't been updated since. Honestly, if this is the biggest potential issue we can find with the authenticity (and I don't think it is one), I call that a win.

As for Thedus or whatever else or how much loads of whatever spaceships can haul, that's all extended universe stuff that I consider variably canon at best and really an academic question.

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