Is the alien as strong as we make it out to be?

Started by littlesprout, Jun 19, 2023, 07:20:36 PM

Is the alien as strong as we make it out to be? (Read 5,129 times)



You know I didn't see any nostromo crew examining and analysing acoustical foot landings when the alien appeared. It was probably due to the fact that 'Most producers' of films tend to like to use foley artists and those either will record something useful or not. If there is no audio during the time of the 'killers approaching from behind' probably meant they muted the track.

Sorry fellas, there is no concrete analysis (within the movie) about stompy 'sounds' against all your methodical brain storming of your pet kittens stomping on hard wood floors or metal grates vs an alien made of nanomeshed titanium bio mechanical substances full of acid for blood in a fictional horror movie that is supposed to get your heart pounding. But you guys have a right to an opinion.


"It's a movie" is a poor argument here. A creature of that size and mass absolutely would generate heavy sounding footfalls if it was 200% focussed on rushing a target or getting away from a threat, and would also quickly return to its usual cautious, quiet movements thereafter.



Agreed. every one seems to think the alien is as light as a feather at all times. Its poor judgement and an analysis of something that is utterly from a creative mind. When in stealth mode the alien  (if silent) is will either be slightly audible or not. When explicitly muted in a film, its obviously film logic unless its expressed through some narrative made by a character (even then its just fictional mumbo jumbo).

And if one should be critical about 'stomping' sounds, one should be creative enough to compare ideas,discuss it and not just say 'oh, that foley is soooo fake lets make fun of it like children do' kind of thing on a fictional beast.

So I briefly mention it in this post to make a point that something this large that kills like it does needs to move with its heavy sounds. Otherwise it would be unlikely to exist and clearly muted because of filmic reasons.

By all means, the xeno does have advanced cordings and muscular structure to move silently when needed but you can't discount that it must make sounds when it needs to be fast.

But the video shows that it clearly didn't because of brief moment in videogaming buggyness. So how is that for an hour long discussion about something that should be clearly blamed on mere  fantasy judgement calls?

So in response to "It's a movie". Yes it is! And that explanation makes up for a lot of marvelously impossible BS. The same applies to brief moments in gaming. But AVP1, the game, has lots of universal crap that doesn't make any sense. Mainly the inclusiveness of being able to play an Alien which messes up the games physics.
To this day, people say 'I want to play as an Alien' in a game made in 2023 makes no sense since the physics and realism has increased 1000% since AVP1 which came out in 1999.

Its not like art that came out in the 40s which should be respected for its brush strokes and paint qualities. It came out in the age of computers where every year they try to out do competition.


There's a lot of goal-post shifting going on here. "We never see them in this circumstance where we would hear stomping" turns into "the Oscar-nominated sound team just couldn't be bothered with the sound effects."

The movies are consistent that Aliens don't make a great deal of noise getting around. It's incongruous to add a great deal of noise to them moving around. It's welcome as a gameplay mechanic, certainly, but it would rather spoil the creature if it was a regular feature. What is or isn't realistic has nothing to do with it.

The only thing childish is getting upset that some people don't like a particular gameplay mechanic. It doesn't need to be taken quite so seriously.

Corporal Hicks

It's purely a consideration of the gameplay. It's to let the player know when the Alien is around (or coming after them), nothing more or less. And it also (in my experience) ups the tension of the game as well. My heart rate shot up whenever I heard those footsteps. Stompy is just an affectionate nickname.


If the thing was actually as silent as in the movies the game would be unplayable for a lot of people.

Like me.

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