Unrecord - The most realistic looking video game

Started by Kimo, Apr 23, 2023, 06:23:49 PM

Unrecord - The most realistic looking video game (Read 571 times)


Sorry if its been posted but this looks crazy. I first watched it on my moble phone thinking it was a fake like if someone shot a film by using a go pro and made it look like a video game. But nope its real tech game demo, using the Ureal 5 engine. watch it in 4k and on a big screen if you can.

and some people were calling it fake but this was uploaded.

Cant wait to see what horror games do with this new engine can you imagine an Alien game looking like this. The future looks bright i cant wait.


That's insane.

The footage gives me Half Life 2 vibes for some reason, and it looks to be a VR game based on how the gun handling animations look.

Still Collating...

I've seen some info on this, it's not going to be VR they confirmed, it just somehow has options for looking independently form the gun.


The creepy music used in the demo help the overall suspensful vibe too.

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