Started by Retropocalypse, Apr 05, 2023, 02:00:21 PM

Stellaris (Read 345 times)



Does anyone here play Stellaris?

If you're a fan of grand strategy games and in need of a sci-fi fix, I highly recommend it.

It's basically Sid Meier's Civilization in space. Build and manage an empire, advance technologically, and conquer the galaxy through war... or other, more diplomatic means.

If you're familiar with Paradox Interactive's other games (Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, Europa Universalis), you'll be right at home with Stellaris.

It's great roleplay fun. You create an alien race, choose an empire type (democratic, authoritarian, hive-mind, megacorp, etc.), and spread across the stars discovering other empires and galactic events.

As a megacorp, you can basically become Weyland-Yutani. As a devouring swarm, you can basically become the Xenomorphs. Or, you can just be robots. Yes, an empire made up entirely of artificial persons that want to exterminate all biological life (or preserve it!).

Right now, I'm playing as an empire called the Gudgan Swarm - a hive-mind race of squid that inhabit ocean worlds and breed like rabbits. I have the fastest population growth in the galaxy and a booming economy, but I don't have a powerful navy which means I'm susceptible to invasion.

But I've recently formed a Galactic Community (all the empires in the galaxy coming together and forming the equivalent of the United Nations) and I've been elected to be on the council, so I can make decisions that affect the entire galaxy. I later plan on turning the Galactic Community into the FIRST GALACTIC EMPIRE!!!!! ALL SHALL BOW TO SQUID - Ahem, once I've earned enough diplomatic weight.

Yeah, really fun game. Highly recommend it.

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