Which 'Canon' do you prefer?

Started by Kenner_Alien_Kaste, Nov 20, 2022, 03:00:55 AM

Which 'Canon' do you prefer?

"Pre-Prometheus" (ALIEN, ALIENS,  ALIEN 3, ALIEN RESURRECTION, and applicable supplementary material pre-Prometheus)
14 (23.3%)
"Expanded Universe" (Toylines, Comics, Novels, Anything set within the 'ALIEN' IP including unmade films)
1 (1.7%)
AVP Canon (AVP, AVP Requiem, and applicable sources/materials)
3 (5%)
"New Canon" (ALIEN 1-4, PROMETHEUS, ALIEN COVENANT, Isolation, Alien The Cold Forge, Alien The Roleplaying Game, etc)
16 (26.7%)
"Anything Goes" (Pick and choose/Personal preference)
26 (43.3%)

Total Members Voted: 60

Which 'Canon' do you prefer? (Read 8,454 times)



I will say "Pre-Prometheus" + Alien Isolation

Immortan Jonesy

I love Sulaco Wars <3  :) 👉👈



Quote from: Year0 on May 07, 2023, 09:22:59 PM
Quote from: Xenomrph on May 02, 2023, 04:12:06 AMI've been saying this for years! For years!

But nooooo, all of you whippersnappers kept saying "Oh look at kooky old Xenomrph shouting at clouds again". I was right all along! Finally, vindication!
I disagree. Canon is important to a series and people know it. Often when it comes to reboots or spinoffs, it gets messy, the new writers are revealed to be retarded, and we eventually end up clawing our way back to the original idea to try and preserve some sense of dignity.

Some icons can get away with it such as Dracula, Batman, Evil Dead, etc. but they are too excellent to be considered good examples. Some series like Silent Hill, Hellraiser, Maniac Cop etc. are dragged out way longer than their lifespan. That doesn't mean to say that rehashing is essentially good or needed, they're just not good enough ideas to carry on in the first place.

The core of Alien is definitely the first 3 films - or two depending on your thoughts - and everything else rests on it. Take that away: no spinoffs, no comics, no Prometheus or Covenant either (although that would be a plus). So somewhere along the line, you have to admit canon is critical.

Horror is an interesting genre about this. Alien is generally tidy with its movie canon, Phantasm is really strict with itself, then Halloween and Friday the 13th are all over the place. Also it's worth noting film canon is usually more respected than novels or comics, especially if the franchise initiated on film.
Counterpoint: "official" canon is not a useful concept for the end user, and is only marginally useful for creators and can be discarded as needed.

If I were to believe that Alien Isolation, the comic series 'Aliens: Labyrinth', and the movie 'Outland' are part of my head-canon, and Alien Resurrection isn't part of it, what, exactly, would you, or Disney/Fox, or anyone else be able to do about it? Why should I be beholden to "the official canon", if my own head-canon enhances my enjoyment of the franchise? Is Disney going to come to my house and take my Aliens action figures and comics away?

Similarly, if someone were to tell me they didn't think 'Aliens' was part of their head-canon, then more power to them. I may not agree with them, but if that's what gives them maximum enjoyment then that's great.

Here's a thought experiment: tomorrow, Disney issues a decree that 'Alien' is no longer "officially canon", but the Marvel comics and some (but not all) of the Titan novels are "officially canon". What happens?

"Oh but Disney would never do that" is not an acceptable answer - Disney owns the franchise, and as such have the ability to unilaterally decide what is and is not "officially canon" at a moment's notice. In this thought experiment, they have officially "de-canonized" 'Alien'.

Do you go along with it? I mean, it's the official canon. But you also just said 'Alien' is a core part of the franchise in your view, so clearly you value it.

Not to mention, in your post you proposed discarding the prequel movies, even though they are "officially canon".

The kicker is, you already follow your own head-canon - it just (apparently) seems to align with the "official canon". The question you need to ask yourself is "why am I doing this?", "what happens if I don't?", and "does it matter?"

For more on "official canon" (and why it doesn't matter) check out the links in my signature.

Corporal Hicks

Quote from: Year0 on May 07, 2023, 09:22:59 PMI disagree. Canon is important to a series and people know it. Often when it comes to reboots or spinoffs, it gets messy, the new writers are revealed to be retarded, and we eventually end up clawing our way back to the original idea to try and preserve some sense of dignity.

Absolutely do not use this kind of language on the boards, please.



That's related to the issue of being limited to the same sets of stories, e.g., something is let loose and must be contained, and then mix it with detective fiction, thriller, and conspiracy.


My head Canon go like this

Prometheus and Alien Covenant are canon but things are a bit different

Alien Isolation, even though it didn't have the best story, it decent on what it did.
Alien 3

And Also Predator 1-3 and Prey is Canon.

The fourth entry, are to be ignored.

Especially The Predator

Turning a honorable Alien species who hunted for sport into a generic DNA splicing bad guy who wants to take over the Earth because reasons, is an absolute shit fest of a idea that utterly butchered Predator. I'll stop ranting about it now



Everything goes, but I don't appreciate connecting Blade Runner to the AvP universe, because of some easter eggs.



How do you guys feel on blade runner And the alien franchise being connected


It doesn't match up as well as it seems it does once you get into the details, but the vibe fits wonderfully.


I realize this is the canon that has the Xenomorph have been involved in Any situation

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