Deathground Trailer, the most obvious Alien: Isolation ripoff, and it looks cool

Started by razeak, Apr 15, 2021, 04:12:52 PM

Deathground Trailer, the most obvious Alien: Isolation ripoff, and it looks cool (Read 1,001 times)


Wow, the don't even really try to hide it haha. It still looks interesting.


Hahaha, what? Seriously with the hiding in lockers and the motion trackers? And was that a mini stargate in the warehouse? Is this premise based on A Sound of Thunder? It looks pretty rad, not gonna lie, but pro tip, if you're trying to escape the notice of a velociraptor that's hunting you, please don't rapidly blink your flashlight at it.

Good find. Though with the Isolation vibes I'm secretly hoping this game is an adaptation of AvP: Hunter's Planet.

Xeno Killer 2179

Literal isolation clone here. Now I'm curious what else out there has ripped off alien isolation.

Crazy Rich

I wouldn't call it a rip-off, more just inspiration.

I'm pretty sure there's staff with Alien Isolation experience on the team too, though if I remember correctly that's mostly in the sound department.

It's not a "final" product though, in that while it's apparently playable I believe they intend to work on replacing all the placeholder stuff before it's early access release among some other things.


Nah, it's a huge rip off, and it's amazing. I want to play it.


I backed it on kickstarter months ago on the basis that it was like the raptors in the kitchen scene of Jurassic Park.


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