"Boreal Nightmare"/Aliens: Colonial Marines: "Iceworld" Audio Dramas

Started by TheSailingRabbit, Jun 10, 2019, 08:11:39 PM

"Boreal Nightmare"/Aliens: Colonial Marines: "Iceworld" Audio Dramas (Read 19,460 times)


Think of it as "Drake writes better than he speaks" (the original format of the story is basically his journal, and people really liked it because I took a minor character and expanded on him). I'm kinda the same way with writing and speaking. :P

Either way, I'm happy with how this part turned out.


Most excellent! I've always thought the Colonial Marines aspect to ALIENS would lend itself to further adventures and "bug hunts". Hopefully Disney will consider a Colonial Marines series for Disney+

Voodoo Magic



That's based on a fanfiction story from AlmiralCats I think

Corporal Hicks

It is. She's known as TheSailingRabbit here.  :)

Voodoo Magic

Wait. Is she a Cat... or a Wabbit?


With apologies to Bunny, work will soon begin on part 2. Despite the virus and economy, it has been a disastrous year so far.

She's been patient and I want her to know I haven't given up despite all the problems I've been going through since the end of last year. Health scare, computer failure that ultimately cost a small fortune to fix, but far less than it would have to buy a new one. Lock-downs and plague and unemployment. It's been a rough go to say the least. But I will begin script work after the release of Charon, part 5. Fingers crossed for a release in, I don't know, June maybe. If all goes well.

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