Trevor 'Wierzbowski' Steedman in hospital

Started by ADC, Mar 04, 2014, 12:54:09 PM

Trevor 'Wierzbowski' Steedman in hospital (Read 1,645 times)


Hi everyone.

Trevor Steedman who played Colonial Marine 'Wierzbowski' in Aliens has suffered a stroke and is in hospital where he is expected to be for six weeks. He is in a serious but stable condition.

He's pretty much lost all movement on his left side and his face has dropped a bit, too, slurring his speech. From what I can gather he can't see on his left side as well right now. Despite all this he's in good spirits and was still able to tell a couple of dirty jokes. If you've met Trevor then you'll know what I mean. With this guy, the last thing to go would be his sense of humour.

I'm asking people to send video get well messages which I'll put together and present to him as a video on Youtube. I've got some Alien costumers involved to make it light.
If you want to get involved upload your greeting to Youtube or Vimeo or maybe a Dropbox link to your video and I will do the rest.
Feel free to wear an AVPGalaxy tee if you have one, or in whatever manner you can show you're part of this great web site.

Please keep your clip short so I can fit them all in. It could be as simple as "Get well Trevor!" or "Get well Wierz!" You may use harsh language if so inclined. He would! So say what you like. If you wannna dress up, goof around, impersonate Hudson or something then all the better.

I'm going to be reach out to other cast members as well because I know that will give Trevor enormous encouragement.

Cheers all,



Wow, I hope he'll be okay, I'd participate but the lack of a camera and costume is a problem.


No need to wear a costume, only an idea if you have one and felt so inclined. Could just be you in front of your monitor with the website on, or something.

Videos from phones or web cams are ok, no need to use a camcorder unless you have one.

Corporal Hicks

Ouch! Hope he's recovers quickly!

I'll get my t-shirt on and get a photo for you later, Andy.


Cheers Aaron, top man.
Keep you guys posted.


You probably already saw in the EXPOsed vid that Ricco Ross mentioned his condition and had the entire audience say hello for a video.  Hope he recovers well.

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