*ON HOLD* AvP: Lost Life

Started by Deathly_rYaN, Jan 12, 2010, 02:15:53 AM

*ON HOLD* AvP: Lost Life (Read 4,050 times)



I am giving a chance for people to see there Alien, Predator, or Marine drawing be in the Upcoming Aliens vs Predator: Lost Life (title still pending).

Please post your drawing pictures or a link to your drawing here.


What exactly is this 'lost life'?

I don't see how you can expect people to hand over their work if they don't know what it's going to be used as a part of.


Im still writing the script and the title is still pending.

This forum is if people want to see their drawings in the movie.
I do have a list of what Species are gonna be in the movie:

-Plant Life
-Planet Creatures
-and more that are in the movie


Live action, animated, stop motion, what are we talking here?


Well im still in the process of writing the script, making concepts, and if animated or live action


whats the storyline?


A group of Marine locate 6 CRASHING Prison Ships ,they go out and discover them, then the Xenomorphs are released into the wilderness and then the Predators scan for the crashed Prison Ships that lead to EARTH (2036)


mmhm I think it has potential!


One Question: Are the Aliens going to be treated like Aliens, or bugs?


The Aliens will more like H.R. Gigers Aliens and part bugs


Is it the Alien/Predator homeworld? Is it submerged in water? Tundra?
Are the Aliens already on the Planet? If so, are they in a ship or running rampant or dormant in a cave somewhere? Questions, questions, questions.


haha its good to ask questions...well i suppose i could try to design some 'prison-guard' predators


Quote from: ScoobySnax on Apr 15, 2010, 04:24:24 AM
One Question: Are the Aliens going to be treated like Aliens, or bugs?

Like bugs?...grrrr

How exactly are the drawings going to be shown in the movie? Used in the character/creature designs?

And do you want unique designs or designs based off the what is already in the franchise. So can we add stuff?

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