Aliens Home Book One: Interloper

Started by Murfy426, Nov 20, 2021, 09:09:01 PM

Aliens Home Book One: Interloper (Read 1,430 times)



Hey everyone, this is the first novel in a series I've been working on for quite some time. Here is the summary:

'For Annabelle the stars in the night sky held no wonder, only horror from the terrors of her imagination. But family ties have confined her to the Deep Shrine facility on Earth where she discovers that monsters do indeed exist. The only question is what is worse; the monsters from the interstellar abyss or the one she calls brother?

Meanwhile a world away Colin Watts is a marine fresh from basic training on his first posting to Mars but he can't relax just yet. First he must be accepted as a member of the dreaded 18th Battalion, also known as the 'Reapers'. Warriors with a legendary reputation and feared amongst their enemies. But the new enemy on the horizon knows no fear, it breeds it.'

You can download the book from my website which I'll put down below. I hope you enjoy and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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