Creative Assembly Hiring Possibly For Alien Isolation 2?

Started by Darkness, Mar 10, 2015, 03:01:50 PM

Creative Assembly Hiring Possibly For Alien Isolation 2? (Read 15,359 times)


Creative Assembly have seemingly began work on a new AAA console and PC game and have posted various job advertisements mentioning a mystery game. A job listing for an Online/Multiplayer Programmer has been spotted on their site which mentions a new game for PS4, X-Box One and PC platforms with online play. This sort of rules out any game for the Total War series which has always been a PC-only game. So what could it be? Speculation is that this could indeed be Alien Isolation 2, but perhaps this time, it incorporates some sort of online play.

 Alien: Covenant: One Year Later - AvP Galaxy Podcast #68

We last heard from Sega that Alien Isolation had sold almost 2 million copies – that’s more than 2010’s Aliens vs Predator and 2013’s Alien Colonial Marines. Creative Assembly have also already stated that they already had ideas for an Alien Isolation sequel should they get the option to make one. We’ll have to wait until Sega/Creative Assembly make an official announcement.

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.......anyone who thinks that there wont be a followup of some sort to what must be considered a successful game are just kidding themselves.......

.......whatever i ends up being its now my most anticipated game.......

....... P.S. all those who have been developing alien games for years and years by now, must be kicking themselves because it took a strategy game developer to develop the alien game we all wanted for so long now.

....... Amazing job by Creative Assembly they deserve every bit of succes and good fortune that coming theire way now......


maybe new AvP game?


Isolation 2 please!!!!!!

Or better yet. an actual good AL()ENS game with Isolation's survival horror elements mixed in.  If CA can blend the 2.......holy shit...


Well, if this is true I hope they play it fairly safe. By that I mean, don't break what isn't broken.

Alien Isolation 2 should be to Alien Isolation what Resident Evil 2 was to Resident Evil. The same gameplay, but refined in the areas it needs, given a nice new coat of paint, expanded slightly, and a new narrative that expands on what we were left with at the end of the previous adventure.

So, new and varied locations, more items to craft, a few more weapons to the roster(though very much in keeping with the notion that you are surviving, not fighting), more variations on puzzles. I think they should maybe try to implement some loaders into the game for puzzles along those lines (moving heavy objects out of the game path, etc...)

Mr. Clemens

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This is really interesting if it is for Alien, a multiplayer mode is something a lot of people want.  Hopefully it doesn't feel tacked on.

Also nice to see they're dumping last gen.

Lord Walters

Lord Walters

I would love them to make a game with the feel and atmosphere of Alien 3...and then afterwards another Alien vs. Predator game, with the feel of AvP 1999...AvP 2 is the best Alien or Predator game ever, but I think CA would do wonders with an AvP game more horror themed like AvP 1999.


A Need of a Multiplayer programmer  only days after they release early footage of an early 3rd person test. That footage must have got alot of good praise! and it's a fairly easy to invision multiplayer having seen that.


If it is true, I hope they expand the crafting system a needed amount. But keep it balanced. Craftable ammunition, if they're going multiplayer that suggests a bit of a faster pace. I'd hope they just work in some new elements while not deviating too far.

But we still have no idea if this is A:I 2, and not another game Creative Assembly are planning that are just expanding themselves out of the Real Time Strategy market, to create new and interesting AAA titles. I would like to believe it is A: 2, but I have a feeling it's really that this is just a game outside of that, we don't know about yet, that I'd be really interested in anyways.


Nice to hear it's sold more sales than A:CM.


i think jumping to a sequel could be a bit of a stretch since isolation just came out


Quote from: Nazrel on Mar 11, 2015, 01:00:04 AM
i think jumping to a sequel could be a bit of a stretch since isolation just came out

It actually is, jumping too fast right into a sequel, would be a bad move imo. Branch out, do some other stuff outside of RTS, not totally like Alien Isolation, but to further prove how capable you really are, and go from there. Maybe a sequel down the road. But there's so many avenues to explore I'm sure they're thinking of as well!

I really don't think A:I needs a sequel within the next two years tbh.


I want a new AvP game  :-[

Corporal Hicks

My main want for Isolation 2 would be to take it off the space station, onto a colony and try and use destructible scenery and use the acid blood.

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