attention MODDERS of ACM...please help!

Started by piff, Mar 21, 2013, 10:10:09 PM

attention MODDERS of ACM...please help! (Read 6,580 times)


I have been playing with the russians on avp2 for years, some of them are good friends! If it wasnt for the russianbears, there would be no dedicated ajl r3 mod...

anyways, this was posted and removed on the evil gearbox forums, and I know alot of modders come here. so maybe it was posted here maybe it wasnt, but seems like the guy found a way to make host made moddifications, meaning the host could set more rounds of ammo per round.

I am looking to extended the time for the multiplayer matches from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. How can this be done, his is this guys tut he posted.

've found a way to modifie uncompressed upk files through HEX tools and made my Mk2 PR fire 900 rpm!!!! The only thing is that you must make folder in CookedPCConsole folder and make there a copy of moded unpacked upk. Game on start will show worning but then start and use moded upk!!! If you don't have folder to trigger worning game will not start.

As soon as i make it 95 clip size I'll upload mod and pos link.) will do it in an hour or so.


Mod for real Pulse Rifle RPM and Clip size.

I'ts seems like it don't need copy in sub folder after all.)) My bad.) Just remove(backup) oroginal PecanGame.upk and PecanGame.upk.uncompressed_size from folder and paste PecanGame.upk from Mod Archive.)) Game will recognize uncompressed Upk!!

1.BACK UP YOUR PecanGame.upk and PecanGame.upk.uncompressed_size (dont just rename them, remove from folder to othe NOT SUB FOLDER)

2.Extract PecanGame.upk from Mod Archive to CookedPCConsole

3.Start game

LINK: [url][/url]

ModDb version (lighter archive): [url][/url]
If not active it's because I've just uploaded it and it hasn't been checked.


First of. You cant use multiple mods created with this method if they edit came files. You must HEX merge theirs changes for that.

So, first you need a proper tools, they are:
1.Upk Decompressor (can get it here: [url][/url])

2.UE Explorer (can get it here: [url][/url] )

3.HxD Hex Editor (can get it here: [url][/url] )

Then you must go to Steam\steamapps\common\Aliens Colonial Marines\PecanGame\CookedPCConsole and BACKUP!! any *.upk and it's *.upk.decompressed_size files that you are going to mod, then put decompressor.exe to CookedPCConsole folder and create *.bat file like this one:

decompressor.exe -lzo [file to uncompress name without "[]" ].upk

and launch this bat file. folder named @uncompressed will be created and uncompressed upk will be inthere.

Next you delete BACKUPED TO SOME OTHER NOT SUB FOLDER original *.upk and it's *.upk.decompressed_size files and copy uncompressed to CookedPCConsole folder. There now must not be corresponding *.upk.uncompressed file or game will chash. you may delete @uncompressed folder now.

That was the easy part, now to hard one:


You open up your uncompressed upk with UE Explorer and looking there fore parameter you want to edit, fore example Mk2 PulsRifle RPM is listed in Objects->Content->DEFWPN_RPulseRifle->Weapon->Wep_RPulseRifle and there is variables FireInterval(pause betwin shots in part of second) and FireRate(rounds per minute)

But you cant edit it from here. The thing you can do here is find out how the variable parameter is looks in HEX and then fing it in *.upk using HEX Editor end modifie it. To find it you clik on "View" drop down button in upper right corner of UE Explorer ind CLICK ViewBuffer, not TableBuffer. This will bring you HEX representation of selected object (in out example Wep_RPulseRifle ). Now you must find position where name fieald on the left will represent variable name you are looking for (example FireRate). It is frustrating work, but there is no other way. After you found variable name you must check next positions one by one to find one that contains variable VALUE. It can be tricky. after you found that position - copy somewhere portion on positions with value for example "00 00 24 02 00 00 3D E4 00".


Open HEX Editor and open your uncompressed upk. Start loking for position portion that you copied vis Search tool, din't even try look with your eyes thought whole file. Whewn you found match - check with UE Explorers HEX view that tis is the right spot in file by matching other close positions. If you are shure that tis is rught spot - close UE Explorer (otherwhise you cant edit upk in HEX Editor), go a one ore two strings up and search for value with search tool, first one in your copied part must be the one you must edit.


Now you must somehow (use google) convert desiared value (900 for example) to hex representation like 83 04 and then REPLASE those positions with converted. If you add ore delese something from file and it's size changes - game will not start.

If you done all right then you save file and can start game.)

Hope this will help some one make other mods rater my Puls Rifle 900RPM and 95 Clip size mod.)

Wish you all good luck!!

Battou (Andrey Egorov, Russia)


Just think about this man. Everyone is going to put their own customizations in and youll never have any idea what kind of match you are playing or what the rules are or what weapons even work from host to host.

I cant be the only one who is purposely not releasing anything like this just because it will corrupt multiplayer. The deathmarch rolls on...



Quote from: Aceburster on Mar 21, 2013, 11:22:31 PM
I cant be the only one who is purposely not releasing anything like this just because it will corrupt multiplayer. The deathmarch rolls on...
Hex edits are as old as it gets. So is Texmod and a bunch of other memory injectors which work with pretty much any game. From my experience these things usually do more good than harm so I wouldn't worry much about it.

Either way upk hex edits are common (and a pain in the ass). For those curious about it:


So what happens when someone is hosting who sets spit damage to 0 or takes a preorder weapon almost nobody has and jacks up the damage to an insane amount? If they implement host migration is the game going to instantly crash for everyone once new variables are loaded? If it does work, then how many people will do something like set their game timer to 0:01 to avoid hosting?

I dont know clear im being but these variables effect multiplayer. Thats the problem.

As a veteran computer programmer im aware that hex editing is nothing new but in this case encouraging people to do it is bound to cause problems. Hell, lets just figure out all of the game variables and slap a front end on it. That way everyone can participate in the trainwreck.

For those who want Hudsons pulse rifle to be automatic rather than burst, change the offset 0x0286506d to 00. Thats really all that the game needs anyway.


QuoteHell, lets just figure out all of the game variables and slap a front end on it. That way everyone can participate in the trainwreck.

I understand what you mean and I share the concerns but the point is that people already do that using other much more universal methods. Most importantly none is encouraging that sort of obscure practices or hex edits here.

I sincerely hope it doesn't turn out that way but ultimately it's up to the developer to stop it if it becomes a problem.


Im sorry if I sound bent out of shape about it man and youre right, its the devs problem.

Im still on the fence because of the multiplayer situation but I actually would like to make a weapons editor so people can adjust things in SP, and Hudsons REAL pulse rifle is awesome in SP lol.



looking around in the INI I found this

what setting do I change to make the matches longer then 5 min?

Quote from: piff on Mar 26, 2013, 06:33:55 AM
looking around in the INI I found this

DeveloperOptions=(DisplayName="Time Limit",URLParam="TimeLimit",Options[0]=(DisplayName="Default",URLValue="0"),Options[1]=(DisplayName="2:00",URLValue="2"),Options[2]=(DisplayName="3:00",URLValue="3"),Options[3]=(DisplayName="4:00",URLValue="4"),Options[4]=(DisplayName="5:00",URLValue="5"),Options[5]=(DisplayName="6:00",URLValue="6"),Options[6]=(DisplayName="8:00",URLValue="8"),Options[7]=(DisplayName="10:00",URLValue="10"))
DeveloperOptions=(DisplayName="Game Type",URLParam="Game",Options[0]=(DisplayName="Deathmatch",URLValue="PecanGame.PecanGameInfoTDM"),Options[1]=(DisplayName="Egg Hunt",URLValue="PecanGame.PecanGameInfoHunt"),Options[2]=(DisplayName="Survivor",URLValue="PecanGame.PecanGameInfoSurvivor"),Options[3]=(DisplayName="Escape",URLValue="PecanGame.PecanGameInfoEscape"),Options[4]=(DisplayName="Nuke",URLValue="PecanGame.PecanGameInfoBomb"),Options[5]=(DisplayName="Capture",URLValue="PecanGame.PecanGameInfoCapture"))
DeveloperOptions=(DisplayName="Game Variant",URLParam="GameVariant",Options[0]=(DisplayName="Variant 1",URLValue="0"),Options[1]=(DisplayName="Variant 2",URLValue="1"),Options[2]=(DisplayName="Variant 3",URLValue="2"),Options[3]=(DisplayName="Variant 4",URLValue="3"))

what setting do I change to make the matches longer then 5 min?


In regards to people hexing these files:

Quote from: Gearbox SoftwareYes, that's something the team is investigating and hopes to address in a future update.

Le Celticant

A source code would be more than welcome at this point to go further on any modifications.
It would also allow strong anti cheat mod just like AVP2 (and many other game btw) had.



wot Le C. says.*

We would need the source code and the SDK.  Neither of which are about to happen - certainly not without an announcement before release. 

As no such 'SDK and Source Code will be available for Colonial Marines' has ever beeen announced for the game, you may as well forget about it. 

Such local changes to a client copy of the game AREN'T mods.  They're hacks - just like the unscrupulous people who make them.  Hacks.  Here's a general clarification for you, a rule of thumb, if you like:

A MOD makes changes to the game that is shared amongst all users joining that session and provides an even playing field for all. 

A HACK is a change or changes that an individual makes solely for their own advantage and gain. 

Most  Modders don't like being referred to as Hackers, but Hackers will happily don the Modder moniker with the conviction that it makes them appear more valuable within a Community. 


*Hi, Le C! Always great to still see you around!

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