Captured Predator on Display At CineEurope

Started by ace3g, Jun 13, 2018, 12:48:41 AM

Captured Predator on Display At CineEurope (Read 31,252 times)



Wow, that's some advanced-looking Pred armor!

The Wolverine Predator

Quote from: Ultramorph on Jun 13, 2018, 01:35:28 AM
Wow, that's some advanced-looking Pred armor!
Looks different than the one in the trailer, especially the bio mask

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That's some good looking armor.  The breastplate kind of looks superhero-ish in a way... otherwise I'm digging it.


Hmm, will the captured Predator have two sets of armor?


Even less tribal influences :( it'll work, but not a fan.

And it is a statue, not having the same finish as the movie ones.


I like it, I prefer the tribal, but this looks cool also.


Is it supposed to be female?


No. There are literally no indications that it is a female.


It looks like it's wearing a bra!

The suit itself kind of reminds me of the x-men for some reason. Perhaps it's sleekness. Although it looks totally fine. Just needs a little battle wear.



That must be the Marvel Edition :D

Never say no to Panda!

Might join the Avengers in the next movie  ;D


looks a bit different than what we have been seeing in the trailers


Interesting! Of course I am missing the old tribal design from the 2-nd movie, but to be honest the First movie didn't have much of tribal look, only trophies and the fabric covering his behind were indicating a little bit of tribal thing, but overall the first design was pretty much sci fy design of the 80, so this desing kind of goes with the first movie. Also they did keep the overall desing of the lower leg armor from the first movie  ;) . The only my feedback for this design is symmetry. If it was asymmetric like the first two movies it would look more interesting in my opinion. But I like it, especially counting the movie quality lighting and painting would be much better then on this statue.   ;)


Are we sure this is the captured predator? I feel like this is one of the emmisaries (spelling?)... The armour to me just has a slight human-made vibe to it

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