Okay, one single question - go back for Jonesy or no?

Started by Facehugga1976, Jul 16, 2023, 08:01:03 AM

Okay, one single question - go back for Jonesy or no? (Read 2,499 times)


Murphy's Boot

Not at all, his cat antics ultimately cost the life of Brett, not cool!


I see this topic arise from time to time, but the funny thing is the situation never occurred in the movie.

At no point did anyone go back for Jonesy in an effort to save him. He was picked up along the way.

Quote from: Kradan on Jul 16, 2023, 10:12:02 AMAlso, it's interesting that Alien just bitch-slapped Jonesy's box and left it be. I'd imagine Big Chap could've easily torn that thing open and enjoy some juicy kitty meat

It feels to me that shot was put back in just for the hell of it. They had the footage, so they used it. I prefer the TC for that scene.


People refer to Ripley hearing Jonesy over the intercom speakers, and then taking time to search for the cat as "going back for him" not the later point in the film when encountered by the Alien, outside the shuttle entrance.

I prefer the "Marketing Cut" in that respect, the Theatrical Cut always took me out of the film with the abruptness of the score cutting out, in nearly every other respect I prefer the original editing.


Yeah the bridge isn't on the way to the engine room from the shuttle.


Yeah it was a long way out of the way. The fact Ripley heard him over the intercom probably made it easily pinpoint where he was.

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