Happy 35th Anniversary

Started by ace3g, Jun 14, 2022, 02:31:19 AM

Happy 35th Anniversary (Read 848 times)




Yeah, I watched it, the 4K version on Sunday. It's not often I do watch it but for special occasions like this, I need to get it out. Still a great film. One of Arnie's best.



35 years. Far out!

I can watch this movie over and over and it's always entertaining. It still fascinates me today how it starts like your typical, cheesy 80's action movie, but then becomes this dramatic survival-horror.

Arnie's performance in this is his best ever. You actually believe he's Dutch, not just Arnie in another action movie. And it's probably largely due to Carl Weathers acting beside him that brought that out of him.

It's also a sad, too, because I'm reminded of how fantastic Kevin Peter Hall portrayed the Predator, and how sad it is he died so early. He really set the bar for the creature, and no one else has been able to come close to it.

This movie really was lightning in a bottle and I love it every time I watch it.



I love the film. I revisted it recently and was floored by how good it was and the thing I'd been missing every time I'd watched it before jumped out at me suddenly - The importance of the short exchange between Poncho and Dutch that comes off as a bit of a lighter moment: "Do you remember Vietnam?" "I try to forget it".

And that's it. That's the key to the film. Excellent writing, brilliant film, never quite exceeded by its descendants.

I can't un-see Dillon's arm behind his back though ... I wish they'd airbrush that out.



Funnily enough I watched it with my man on Sunday as well.

It's a movie that never gets old for me but the boyfriend never really watched the first movie before so it was refreshing to see his reactions to each scene.

Pretty amusing hearing him mix up the iconic lines too... 

Him: Oh this is where Arnold says "DiXon you son of a bitch!"


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