What if you just dropped your weapons?

Started by Local Trouble, Jun 13, 2022, 05:40:31 AM

What if you just dropped your weapons? (Read 918 times)

Local Trouble

Would the Predator suddenly stop hunting you and let you go if you just gave up and disarmed?  Like, what if Anna had gotten away from Dutch's team and ran off into the jungle?  Would the Predator even bother with her?


She was never really a target, so I think she'd be fine.

I think it would depend on the situation. If after a first attack you survived but noped out you'd probably be ignored. Dutch WAS unarmed and he was still marked for death.

If you've established yourself as a worthy trophy you're probably screwed.


Dutch did manage to get Predator twice, with his ingeniouity. Once he caught it into the net and second led him into a trap for it's doom (although not in the way it was intended). Dutch proved to be smart and that's what made him number 1 target. Having a gun is like first position on Predator list of interest. Unarmed prey can be as challenging, only harder to notice.

Corporal Hicks

Yeah, I have to agree with the above. In the first instance before the Predator has observed you, I'm sure you could get away with dropping weaponry, but if the Predator has seen you in action and thinks you'd be worthwhile, it's unlikely to make any difference.


I guess the "how it should have ended" youtube channel pretty much answered this  ;D

Corporal Hicks


Apparently not, judging by the fate of various animals Feral encounters on his hunt.

(Bad Blood)

Well if it's a honorable hunter it depends, if you shot at the Predator first before dropping your weapon, then you're doomed. If you drop it as he's/she's showing up then the Predator might let you go. Now if you're unlucky enough to encounter a bad blood, your doomed either way.

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