Jungle Hunter/The Predator pulling punches?

Started by (Bad Blood), May 24, 2022, 10:59:23 PM

Jungle Hunter/The Predator pulling punches? (Read 1,049 times)

(Bad Blood)

So I am wondering, since the Yaujta/Predators have superhuman strength capable of smashing down steel doors and punching through concrete walls and ripping a human spine from the body and lift a 200 pound man out in front of himself with one arm, which is impossible for a human..was the Predator pulling his punches on Dutch? I mean one of those punches to the face would crush his skull, a stomach shot would go through him or at best crush his organs and ribs, it just seems extremely unrealistic of him to live through that unless The Predator was holding back, it also would kind of make sense in a way since he removed all of his other advantages like he was literally trying to fight as fair and honorable as possible.


Yeah probably.

If he wanted to just kill Dutch he would've. He was at the end of a hard day's work and he was going to enjoy beating the shit out of him before making the killing blow. I don't think there was anything fair or honourable about it, more like picking the legs off an insect before killing it.

(Bad Blood)

Good point. Lol yeah I think you are right about that.

Corporal Hicks

Yeah, I take that as self indulgence on the Predator's part rather than being about giving a fair fight.

(Bad Blood)

After rewatching the scene, I definitely agree, he very much was enjoying himself.


Yeah a bit more fun before ending his most worthy prey, that make sense. And pulling his punches would be one way to have that fun. Full force would easily break Dutch's neck.

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