If gearbox was afforded more time could CM been a better game?

Started by unheardCARNAGE, Jan 27, 2024, 09:20:30 AM

If gearbox was afforded more time could CM been a better game? (Read 163 times)


Played through the story several times now and mopping up the last achievements, but wow what a strange mix this game turned out to be. On the surface it seems so fine enough, graphics are decent and the game surprisingly doesn't have any major soft locks, but on closer inspection this game is just barely held together at the seams.

Its hard to comprehend how much each party had riding on this, and it still turned out this way.

This game really made me wonder if a couple extra years of development would have even helped, but I strongly believe this is as good as it was gonna get. The writing is subpar and it seemed like one developer had the passion and the other expertise, but neither of them both. This project really should have been restarted with another developer and writer after Sega initially pulled the plug.

Overall I still had fun with it, but similar to some of the films in the series its more fun speculating at what might have been than talking about what is.

Do you think gearbox could have really polished it up to be a bigger hit like Borderlands with some more time?
Why was Timegate snubbed so hard that their logo isn't even on the jewel case of the game?
Was the lawsuit against Sega justified?
Does anyone want to assist me in cleaning up the multiplayer challenges? :P


More time wouldn't have fixed the appalling writing.


They already had six years development on it. More time would have probably made it even worse.

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