Xbox 360 - anyone still playing?

Started by rossrp88, Mar 13, 2015, 10:37:21 PM

Xbox 360 - anyone still playing? (Read 2,717 times)



Anyone still playing multiplayer on 360?

Started playing again and found a few games this week - anyone still playing?

John Stevens

I play ACM every night after work..........have done since 28.10.2013  ;)
Multiplayer not so much as my xbox Live account has issues...  :'(

jimmy has noface

hello every one im trying to get a DLC squad of 6-10 people on aliens colonial marines together on xbox 360 who own all the DLCs and get some games going if your interested let me know or add the gamer tag "v10l3nt punx"(please also leave a message confirming you have the DLCs or i may think your a recent player stalker)

Darth Rinzler

I know their has to be, I have been playing with people AND 1000 plus people have voted for ACM to be ported too XboxOne.  IMO its better than Isolation.


I still play Xbox 360 some people say it is better then Xbox one apart from graphics i would love to play guys  (especially AVP2010  and FEAR 2 )

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