Looking for Bug Hunt players on Aliens: Colonial Marines for PS3

Started by AcrossExistence, Jul 20, 2014, 02:16:11 AM

Looking for Bug Hunt players on Aliens: Colonial Marines for PS3 (Read 2,629 times)


As much as I didn't want to admit how much A:CM sucked, I eventually had to after a few weeks. The folks over at Gearbox are truly wretched for giving us this sorry excuse for an Aliens game. Never the less, Bug Hunt is slightly less disappointing and just a tiny bit fun.

But, understandably, I can never find any other players online when I want to play, resulting in an hour of waiting on somebody... anybody to join, then switching to Battlefield 3 out of frustration.

SO, if there are any of you out there who wish to play Bug Hunt as I do, please add me on PSN.

erickelso89 is my username.

Thank you.


I still love bug hunt. You can add me on psn and xbox live since I play ACM on both systems. My username is freakzilladark


My psn is predxeno, just send me a friend request if you're still interested and say bughunt so I know who you are.



Hello! I am looking for players on the PS3 as well. My username is Mech-RA2

Please schedule a multiplayer game as I am trying to start a game too!

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