J.W. Rinzler's "The Making of Alien"

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J.W. Rinzler's "The Making of Alien" (Read 32,678 times)


Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Apr 20, 2020, 06:56:13 AM
Better than the Vault too. It's simply the most detailed look at the production of the film as of yet.

Thanks man. Then thats a buy. I was weary since theres so many books out there already which I all have, wanted to make sure this one is different


The Rinzler book collects a lot of old quotes from previous book/magazine/DVD/Blu-ray sources, but also plenty of new material.

I'm going through the book now. Definitely p*sses all over the Vault, and is the best 'Making Of' on the subject.

Can't wait to see the volume on ALIENS.


In that case, now I cant wait to get it



my copy just arrived (i know, late to the game) and holy flip, this is a beautiful book


Ill wait for the Making of Aliens to get this one with it. Right now my budget is going to Alien Anthology egg

Corporal Hicks

Corporal Hicks

Quote from: j0nesy on May 19, 2020, 08:33:45 PM
my copy just arrived (i know, late to the game) and holy flip, this is a beautiful book

Have you had a chance to read through?


about ten pages in, trying to digest every single detail; hoping to dig in this weekend!

edit: 80 something pages in, cannot get the image of "tommy lee jones in the alien suit" out of my head. i knew he was mentioned for dallas, but that made me laugh

Gentleman Death

Just got this today and good god this book is massive!


Just finished reading this. Took me over a month on and off. Tip top.


Finished it, I couldnt put it down despite knowing Anthology extras by memory by now. Very well written and just oozing with great details and nearly daily anecdotes from the production

Heres my brief review and few pics for those who havent gotten it yet or wonder if theres anything new


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