Cancelled 20th Century Fox World Parks – Malaysia & Dubai

Started by Corporal Hicks, Nov 03, 2015, 06:24:49 PM

Cancelled 20th Century Fox World Parks – Malaysia & Dubai (Read 40,588 times)


Nice read! Been waiting along time for Alien themed rides so to see some concept work is amazing. I hope it's themed all the way through the ride too 👍


Looks like we could see an Alien themed restaurant as well in the park:

Source and full layout:


Why must it be so far away


This video has some more info and concept art on Alien themed land in the Dubai Fox World Park which never materialized.


Pretty interesting


This is no longer happening.

news post


Let's get some F's in the chat



Some awesome concept art here for the Dubai Fox World park's AVP dark ride and Alien area:



Though Im waiting for it to be added to a Disney world or something now lol


As someone who suffers from motion sickness if said motion is too extreme, and thus isn't a big fan of rollercoasters, that Aliens/AVP Dubai dark ride sounds like exactly the sort of thing I'd want to see from a ride based on these franchises! I love dark rides and Spider-Man and Transformers are two of my absolute favourite theme park rides period, so an Alien ride using that same system would have been amazing; so of course it's no longer happening. :(

Granted it's not like I ever would have flown out to Dubai to ride it even if it had been built, but it sucks that yet again another Alien ride came so close to existing only to be cancelled.

One day......


Oh man - i am genuinely gutted about this! I've thought and dreamt about an Aliens inspired theme park land and rides for so long! This would have been epic in so many ways and hoping it'll make an appearance at a Disney???

Side note - nice digging around though! Loved seeing the concept work 👍


Figured this would close.

Also Disney will never bring a rated R attraction to any of their parks.


I assuming guns and scary monsters are the biggest reason.


Here in the States they put on some awesome Halloween haunted houses, with theatrical makeup, etc. That would be a good way to give the hard-core fans the frights they seek, and keep it on an economical scale.

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