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Recreational Area / Re: Just Talk.
Last post by Kradan - Today at 08:18:53 AM
Happy 30th Anniversary, Alien 3 !

Alien Films / Re: Egg on Sulaco
Last post by Kradan - Today at 08:15:22 AM
Happy 30th Anniversary, Egg on Sulaco !

Recreational Area / Re: Last Movie You Watched
Last post by Kradan - Today at 07:14:29 AM
Quote from: Kradan on Yesterday at 06:27:18 PMMatrix Reloaded

Matrix Revolutions

Couldn't sleep last night so just took of my laptop and started rewatching Reloaded. Man, I can't get enough of these movies. I know they're flawed movies, oftenly they feel like a compilation of great scenes badly glued together but I'll be damned if they're not captivating to watch.

I wouldn't call myself a particularly big fan of "action movies" but holy shit I can watch these scenes on loop:

I absolutely adore final Neo vs Smith even though it doesn't make a lot of sense why Smith wouldn't just send all of his clones against The One. I guess, it makes it feel more personal when they're just one on one and it doesn't matter really 'cause Neo still "loses" in the end

Love that visual parallel - everything that has a beginning, has an end

Also, Battle for Zion is such a basket of crazy stupid fun. I mean, giant robots with big guns operated by humans versus spaghetti bots, c'mon, gotta love it

That scene is might be too stretched out and eventually one begins asking "When are we gonna get back to Neo and Trinity ?" but it has a lot of great character moments. It's nice to see movie take a moment to show that it's not only Neo who is fighting for survival of humanity - it's the collective struggle of all the humans. Captain Mifune's death is gotta be my favourite of these moments:

"- Captain, I didn't finish the training program.
 - Neither did I"

Sequels throw so many interesting characters at us, it's crazy. Only if you care enough to listen what they have to say, of course:

And, of course, the man responsible for a pretentious speech to put an end to all of pretentious speeches:

Searched "matrix architect gif" and this is just too good to not put in here


Score deserves a special mention - so many memorable tracks !


Can't believe I forgot to mention the best thing about sequels - Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith. Neo eliminated him in the first one, his return was never properly explained (just as most things in these movies are -"I don't fully understand how it happened" lol) but f**k it, he is back, he's running havoc against everything and everyone and I'm glad he is. Seriously, each time that man is on screen I shit my pants with joy

Also, gotta love that exchange

Alien Films / Re: 30 Days for 30 Years / 30t...
Last post by Kradan - Today at 05:34:35 AM
Is it today, @Corporal Hicks ? Please, tell me it is today
Regrowing is such an advanced scifi idea for our current time that it seems silly today.  Even for an advanced species.

I'd say if they injured it around their tech, they could reattach it, or go prothesis if they couldn't. 
I didn't really mind Fireteam at all other than there just wasn't enough game. 

I actually think that too many writers actually mistook what happened in Aliens to a major degree.  The TC of Alien only shows something like 17 deaths of the Aliens on screen.  You can assume a handful of more in the operations battle, and maybe one or two in the hive battle (everybody but Vasquez and Drake were using sidearms or flamethrowers, flamethrowers have no range and we see no dancing on fire Aliens, and the sidearms effectiveness appeared to be very limited). 

If you add in the SE, which isn't a DC, then the sentry guns would kill quite a few more.

But just because the Aliens bottlenecked and were likely hammered in those two scenes that involved the sentrys doesn't necessarily make them insect like with no higher brain function either.  Many military forces, especially from communist parties used to sacrifice many of their soldiers to obtain military objectives. Which often meant throwing bodies at entrenched objectives. Quantity has a quality all its own-Joseph Stalin.  Do people that follow that doctrine become insect like?  Also the Aliens had a free run of the facility for weeks before the Marines got there.  You round a corner a dozen times with no incident and then suddenly on the thirteenth there is a Sentry gun.  I don't even know if it was the Aliens trying to overrun the Sentrys or if they just got caught and bottlenecked. 

People took the Marines as dropping all kinds of Aliens in their encounters, when it was meant to reflect Vietnam, a war in which US forces would be involved in firefights and not know the true nature of how many they killed because VietCong and NVA would carry their wounded and dead away and US forces wouldn't do accurate BDAs after they had been ambushed or attacked for fear the enemy might be still waiting out there for them if they did. 

In a roundabout way I actually think it is all the EU writers and to a lesser extend media fans/reviewers of the second film that made them bug like. First portraying them that way in the EU and then constantly telling people they were bugs in synopsis and reviews for the film at that time of its release and over the years, where it has kind of cycled around to being Aliens fault. When I don't think that was what Cameron was going for at all.  The TC to me especially feels like the Marines were barely escaping every encounter by the skin of their teeth until they couldn't escape anymore.  I mean the remnants of the Marines in the second film are a Marine ate up by acid and an android that was ripped in half.  More civilians survived in the movie than Marines. 
I've never liked the idea of them becoming anything like us.  So I guess it depends on our take of civilization. 

Hard to imagine an Alien running home from the department of capturing humans office to pick up baby facehugger from pre implantation school before mama queen comes home from being at the egg factory all day. 
General Discussion / Re: Anyone watch Football? NFL...
Last post by Kimarhi - Today at 04:59:05 AM
One of the dudes from the college team I watch fell three rounds, but he fell to the chiefs.  So I'm sure he's missing the money from not going second round, but if you gotta fall somewhere at least its too a good team that needs help at your position. 
The cover is also very old skool.  Reminds me of the individual Female War covers from back in the day. 

Since I've been out of the game on the EU happenings for a little while now, what are the releases of the writer/artist that is leaving the Marvel comics?  I know about his tracing and all that bs and that he is kind of a douche, but I've never not bought an Alien comic series before, and as a completionist I have to go on and continue the one hobby that I actually am a completionist about. 

I know he did the original six issues, which I have in tpb form, and I know he's doing the Alien 3 style one that is (how many issues)?  Is the Annual one an actual collection of everything or is it another series he's doing?

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