Alien: Uncivil War coming in 2024.

Started by felix, Oct 17, 2023, 04:49:56 AM

Alien: Uncivil War coming in 2024. (Read 19,086 times)

Corporal Hicks

Chieftain Suom


silly cover

bizarre title


another release to ignore until i hear different.



Needs to use the word Chris more in the blurb.

Local Trouble

ChatGPT did it for you.

QuoteHere is the modified text with all pronouns referring to Chris replaced with his name:


This ALIEN story begins where most end: with a xenomorph loose on a damaged spaceship hurtling through space. Once a highly decorated marine, Chris Temple, a recently widowed single father to two young daughters, Jane, 11, and Emma, 8, is onboard. Despite Chris's particular set of skills, Chris doesn't get involved in the fight with the alien, instead focusing on keeping Chris's children safe as the ship comes in for a crash landing.

The family land on an idyllic outpost planet, where Chris is told that the ship has been destroyed beyond recognition and nothing could have survived the crash. That's only the first lie. Chris and Chris's daughters love their new life, but something doesn't feel right. Chris is a paranoid type, but just because Chris is paranoid, doesn't mean Chris is wrong.

There are nasty surprises in store as Chris investigates the web of lies and conspiracies. After leaving a ruined Earth, it seems Chris and Chris's daughters have crash-landed on a planet on the verge of all-out civil war. Chris will have to call on the battle skills Chris never wanted to use again in order to protect Chris's daughters, deal with violence-hungry marines, and battle the xenomorph that's killing people regardless of which side of the civil war they're on.


*Needs an animated gif of Hicks screaming "Draake, we are leeeaving!" But simply subtitled "CHRIS!"

Still Collating...

I'm looking forward to this story honestly.

Local Trouble

Quote from: Local Trouble on May 02, 2024, 11:02:46 PMChris is a paranoid type, but just because Chris is paranoid, doesn't mean Chris is wrong.

Chris is getting upset! >:(



Chris has an internal monologue entirely in third person



Preceded by "The".

Slutty Badger

Slutty Badger

Q and A with Brendan Deneen on Skewed & Reviewed.



I love that Gareth is still going.

Slutty Badger

My local Waterstones had a copy in stock, so naturally I bought it!

Currently working my way through, will post a critique when I'm done.

Slutty Badger

Blasted through it overnight, and, well...

Spoiler's bad.


Bad as in the writing or the story? Or both?

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