AvP Extinction Interview Questions

Started by Corporal Hicks, Apr 24, 2023, 12:41:06 PM

AvP Extinction Interview Questions (Read 1,247 times)

Corporal Hicks

All being well, we should be interviewing one of the producers of AvP Extinction for its big 2-0 soon. As always, wanted to offer folk the chance to suggest questions to include in the chat.



Why o story cutscenes, particularly no openings and no endings? Why no skirmish mode?



Woah! That's awesome to hear, very much looking forward for to that podcast!

Was multiplayer considered during development?

Were there difficulties in designing an RTS for controllers?

Were Warcraft 3 style hero units (named characters under the player's control who carried over from mission to mission and grew more powerful over time) ever considered?

Were there any creatures or features that were cut during development?

Cosmic Incubation

I have a few things I'm curious about!

- What was the process of adapting AVP to a RTS in terms of creating the new and different units for each faction, as well as balancing and creating the overall story/campaign?

- What was the creative process behind that awesome intro cinematic? It's seriously one of the coolest things from any of the AVP games/media.

- Was there any interesting units, story ideas, concepts that didn't make it into the final game?

Corporal Hicks

One last bump for this one - interview is taking place this weekend.


Did this happen? :o  Would love to hear about the development of this, it's one of the most unknown I can think of.

Corporal Hicks

We did. :) Was a really interesting one! We'll be releasing this one next month on the anniversary.

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