Favourite level of the game, and JD´s challenge

Started by judge death, Jul 14, 2021, 08:46:04 PM

Favourite level of the game, and JD´s challenge (Read 3,676 times)

judge death

My fave level of the game that I think is both interesting and got the alien feeling down perfectly is alien level 5: lab breakout and ina very certain playstyle: Back in the day I missed that you could break the other celldoors and get more aliens so I did the level with the only alien you get in the start: after sneaking around and being careful I managed to get out and then get to the main cell where the eggs are located and established a hive, and won the map after a while. The hard part is to get to the eggs and survive, one miss and that alien is dead which is exciting and very nerv wrecking. In a way it reminds me of alien resurrection with the plot but from alien perspective.

Did anyone else here solve the map in the same way or did you all break free the others and then get to the eggs? OR how did you beat this level?

My challenge: Beat the level with only using the alien from the start. In my opinion it makes the level more fun and not too easy as it is when having the other aliens.

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