My alien 5 and predator 5 plot!

Started by nukem11, Mar 14, 2019, 11:59:34 AM

My alien 5 and predator 5 plot! (Read 212 times)



Alien 5
Ripley still half alien has visions of where she came from and wonders out into space to find out where this alien is from and who created them. The company is still after the Aliens origin followers her but she doesn't realise. She eventually finds a spaceship the same as in the first film and she finally found her answers. She discovers that the Spacejockey did actually design the aliens and they show her there planet where they came from and why they created the alien eggs which were used as a biological weapon. The company turn up and want to capture the spaceship and the mysteries but Ripley has other ideas. The company go on board and capture a spacejockey and do all sorts of horrible experiments to it. Ripley frees the spacejockey and helps it get back on their ship and then blows up the company ship. She gets badly hurt and dies on board the spacejokey's ship as it ventures out into space.
I think it would work better if Ridley Scott directed it or someone else. His film was much darker and more mysterious and I think that's what Alien 5 needs.
Alien 5 doesn't need to be another action packed film it needs to show us more about the origin and mysteries about the alien and hopefully end it for good.

Predator 5
My idea which is similar to the home world script which is Garber's new team of men are still after their technology and mysteries. His new team has managed to track down another predator but not releasing there walking into a trap of three predators from above. The scout ship was landed on ground and solders were sent onto it and placed behind a force field imprisoned on their ship. The team are sent to their home planet to fight on their terrain. Once on their home planet they are imprisoned in there structures. They are soon called upon and given back there weapons and sent to their strange terrain alien jungles where they must survive against ruthless creatures, maybe some from the skull trophy cabinet as well as one predator tracking them down. It's all about honour and who ever survives to a check point on the map which they are shown, get to return to earth. To make the survival slightly fair or easier the predator toys with them almost studying them as they discover their planet. There able see many things along the hunt ,swamps clan battle aftermath, including the abandoned structures with some weaponry and of course seeing the two suns from above. I thought maybe two survive at the end and are both sent home. Maybe have Arnold Schwarzenegger Dutch character in the force field cell already and introduce him again like that or have a cameo in it due to his age. He could lead the team or be more the help as well. This is because the predators were assembling the survivors of the previous encounters and a team as well. Danny Glovers characters may have died a few years before or retired and sends a message on in a cameo.]

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