My alien 5 plot

Started by nukem11, Jan 20, 2018, 10:41:28 PM

My alien 5 plot (Read 249 times)



Ripley still half alien has visions of where she came from and wonders out into space to find out where this alien is from and who created them. The company is still after the Aliens origin followers her but she doesn't realise. She eventually finds a spaceship the same as in the first film and she finally found her answers. She discovers that the Spacejockey did actually design the aliens and they show her there planet where they came from and why they created the alien. The company turn up and want to capture the spaceship and the mysteries but Ripley has other ideas. The company go on board and capture a spacejockey and do all sorts of horrible experiments to it. Ripley frees the spacejockey and helps it get back on their ship and then blows up the company ship. She gets badly hurt and dies on board the spacejokey's ship as it ventures out into space.
I think it would work better if Ridley Scott directed it. His film was much darker and more mysterious and I think that's what Alien 5 needs.
Alien 5 doesn't need to be another action packed film it needs to show us more about the origin and mysteries about the alien and hopefully end it for good.

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