"Are the contrasts the real issue?" book from the archive of AVPGalaxy forums

Started by D88M, Dec 08, 2016, 09:06:52 PM

"Are the contrasts the real issue?" book from the archive of AVPGalaxy forums (Read 305 times)


Hello, i am back ladies and gentleman, i have been doing a lot of irrelevant stuff but to cut to the chase, i have been doing some things that are related to AVP, specifically i am doing -more like thinking and writing ideas- a fan fiction of Alien Versus Predator, that could work as a Alien 5/Predator 3, a new, standalone, GOOD AVP MOVIE, and at the same time some some kind of remake/reboot of the franchise, now the thing is, i love the AVP concept, but beyond the second game for pc, i dont think it has been done justice with the idea in any medium so far, so i said fu*k it and started doing a story on my own, and after a lot of thinking, i came to the same conclusion of this post http://www.avpgalaxy.net/forum/index.php?topic=9490.0 which then i was reminded of and is the reason why i am back in the forum to do some research, i came to the same conclusion: Alien is feminine, Predator is masculine, and there is a lot of story to tell there and i agree totally with that post, so what i wanna know (sorry i had to put this in context lol) is that someone knows the name of the book named on that thread, that "There is actually a book out which examines both of the two films series from the perspective of male and female themes." which is exactly what i am looking for, so anyway thanks for anybody who took the time to read all this random rambling and knows the name of the book, i look forward to become more active in the forum because i have been thinking about Alien/Predator/AVP a lot lately because of the fan fiction and i have some toughts to share, cheers!

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